Saturday, August 09, 2008

Don't Call Me Daniel

Papa: Daniel, come here.
Danny: Don't call me Daniel!
Papa: What should I call you?
Danny: "Handsome Dan."

Leaving to go out for the day as a family:

Danny: Mama should stay home and do chores.

In the Old Market, where my husband is playing on a storm grate

Mama: Don't do that, you'll fall in. Our housekeeper fell down a manhole in Chicago and she was never the same again.
Papa: (being silly) Oh, it's OK (jumps on it)
Mama: Stop that right now, look at the example you're setting.
Danny: Mama should stay home next time and do chores.


Page D. said...

My son, Joseph, came home from kindergarten and said, "I want to be named ED!"
Why do you want to be called ED?
"Because ED only has TWO letters"

Goody said...

That's pretty funny