Monday, August 11, 2008

Saag Paneer With Mustard Greens

No photo because let's face it, that is not a photogenic meal.

I had two generous bunches of mustard greens to cook and no idea what to do with them. Mr. Eat The Blog bought them at the farmer's market because they looked nice. I hadn't eaten them since I was a child and our housekeeper discovered them growing wild in the un-landscaped land behind our house. I should explain that-we had just moved to the suburbs of Chicago and our home was built on what had previously been farmland. We had many strange things on that land-little grey things that looked like crayfish living in the storm basin, a quince bush, and wild turnips (also with greens). Ella Mae (that was really her name, and a dear, dear woman she was) couldn't believe we were going to just let the greens grow and die and insisted on picking and serving them.

I don't remember them being awful, but it wasn't something I'd willingly eat unless I was trying to be polite. I feel the same way about collard greens and kale, so obviously I'm not a good judge of quality greens. I like spinach, and can tolerate beet greens, but that's about it.

I suspect if you're willing to use some bacon fat, or salt pork most of these greens can be made more interesting. Since I'm not willing, I tried to come up with something imaginative to do with my quantity of something I dislike. I did what any good cook would do (not really) I disguised it in Indian food! Heck, under cumin seeds, ginger and cabbage, you'd never know there was a good pound or two of mustard greens in it...or would you?

Danny knew. After a proud "That's my boy" moment I permitted him to pick out the pieces of paneer and eat the curried potatoes and chutney instead. I can always get the kid to eat chutney and yoghurt.

Mr. Eat The Blog loved it though. Really loved it, which is good as I have a large casserole filled with the stuff.

The saag recipe HERE is what I used exchanging the spinach for about a pound of trimmed mustard greens.

The paneer recipe is HERE and makes an excellent activity to impress a three year old. It is quick and simple to do.

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