Saturday, August 09, 2008

Pizza From The Garden

Not much of a recipe-onions, olives and home grown tomatoes, but I wanted to share the lovely photo. These tomatoes are particularly precious to me as they survived the tornado in June.

We made such a big deal out of marking a date on the calendar to go and purchase our seeds (24 March) and through the long winter Danny would count off the days until we could make our trip to Earl May. Sure, there are better garden catalogs, but going to the store, handling the seed packets and having the experience is important also. I've been doing this with Danny since he was a few months old (actually, the day I found out I was expecting I had earlier gone to Earl May to purchase bedding plants-so we have a bit of a tradition in place) and hope to continue it for many years. When the tornado hit it took out the basil, parsley, Brussels sprouts and thyme-but the tomatoes and sage not only survived, they thrived. I'm hoping the wisteria will come back next year-I'd like to see it bloom at least once (we thought this might have been the year until the fence and tree fell on it).

Although we are still putting the house (and our lives) back together, we can celebrate the harvest of the tomatoes that really shouldn't have made it. Everyone likes an underdog, right?

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