Sunday, December 25, 2011

Grannymar's Christmas Pudding

That blob atop the pudding is a brandy soaked sugar cube that failed to ignite, but it was brandy soaked sugar so it isn't like anyone was complaining. Wouldn't that be a wonderful little pick-me-up to have a brandy soaked sugar cube in tea? OK, skip the tea. I was gifted a bottle of Campari for Christmas which I promptly began mixing with fresh squeezed grapefruit juice. I wonder what sugar soaked in Campari would be like? Probably would work with this pudding as it is loaded with candied slices of oranges and grapefruit. It is about as Campari-ish as a Christmas pudding can get.

This is the third year Grannymar's pudding has made an appearance at our Christmas dinner. I had fruit I candied myself last summer when cherries, apricots, and plums were in season-now I'm afraid this will become tradition. I cannot imagine a Christmas pudding with anything less. I still have a couple stashed for St. Patrick's Day. I like a suet pudding, but this butter based pudding is unquestionably the best I've tasted-and this year's was over-the-top from the fruit. And moist-I don't know how that happened as I have a reputation for over-drying puddings in the oven, or not using enough booze to keep it hydrated. I dunno, it was like some magical alignment of the universe and pudding gods got together and decided 2011 was going to be the year we all remember as the best pudding, ever. Best. Pudding. Ever.

Thanks, Grannymar for your help with another perfect Christmas pudding.


Raymond said...

Was this what you sent me? It was delish! Really good. I had it on Christmas Eve along with a no-egg eggnog (steamed milk w/brandy + brown sugar + nutmeg) while listening to jazz christmas carols & decorating my fake tree.

Sorry I didn't acknowledge it earlier: I've been working literally hours around the clock and I'm all dizzy.

Goody said...

That was it. Let me know if you want another-I made extra ;)

No need to apologise, I well remember the 70+ hour workweek ( at least I was getting paid for those hours then, unlike my current indentured position).