Friday, December 26, 2014

Better Bundle Up

Winter's arriving at last.
I'm ready, even if it makes me look like a polar bear.
I feel so betrayed. Yesterday's sun and 50 degrees has given way to cold, cold, cold. By the start of next week we'll have single digit high temperatures. We're expecting snow tonight, which would be nice at this point. No fun in having snowshoes if you never get a chance to use them.

I hope everyone had a nice holiday. We spent the day relaxing and playing games. I did some laundry because I just couldn't help myself. I am my mother's daughter.

I didn't do any real boxing day shopping, but I did stop by the supermarket and Walgreens. I bought Danny a 1/2 price nutcracker with bagpipes and a kilt. He can stay out until Burns Night. I've named him Haggis. I also found a half-priced set of Jean Nate bath splash and body lotion. I know. But at 5 bucks, I can have my bit of nostalgia and then give it to one of the teenagers on the street. My sister wore that stuff-in quantity. It might be OK in smaller amounts and a well-ventilated space. They had a Halston set for the same price, which sort of made me sad. I remember when it was a pricey scent, not the sort of thing you bought in a gift box at Walgreen's.

 I've had this acrylic cardigan for ages now, but I never think to wear it. With the pressure to wear all the velvet before Christmas over, I have the rest of winter to try and wear my clothing that is less attention getting.
Let's talk about this pullover.
 Oh my! Get a good eyeful there Mr. Giraffe.

That's better. Look at that smirk.

I recall these sweaters being around and thinking they were somewhat cheeky. I remember a monkey with his arm down the neckline, and perhaps a bear, but when I saw the giraffe I knew it was coming home with me. At .99 cents it was hardly a big investment. It is a bit stretched out from the years, but still a fun thing to have in a vintage wardrobe.

Outfit Particulars:
Tissavel 1970's faux fur and suede coat-Goodwill
Jones New York skirt-Goodwill
1970's (possibly 60's) Cyn-Less pullover with giraffes-Thrift World
1970's Taiwan-made acrylic cardigan-Goodwill
Furry boots-Goodwill
Knit hat-Fibre Arts Show
Hand-Sewn (not by me) carpet bag-Thrift World
Coppery earrings-K Mart
1960's Niello brooch-Hand-Me-Ups
Fragrance-Lentheric 12 (lovely, now I must seek out a larger bottle)

We have tons of leftover paella, so I bought lettuce and tortillas and that will be tonight's version-sort of like a fish burrito. We're slowly making a dent in the cheese (I get weird about not having enough cheese at Christmas, and then I go crazy and buy a pound of Quickes aged cheddar only to discover it is SO strong I can't eat it). Cheese is nice with horseradish, but the cheese ought not taste of horseradish-at least not unintentionally. I already made my New Year's potted cheese with mace and Port, so I can't hide it in there. I guess there's a try-before-you-buy lesson. I have high hopes for the potted cheese. Every New Years, I attempt to re-create the potted cheese one of my dad's customers sent home at the holidays-for me. Not my sister, not my mother, that crockery filled with crumbly bits of Wisconsin-made heaven you had to pry loose with a knife had MY name on it. I was polite, and always chatted with the owners when I was riding along on the route with my dad-and they remembered me for it at Christmas. See kids? Behave nicely, and there might be a crock of King of Clubs come Christmastime. Anyway, every year I try to recreate the potted cheese and get really close. Do you have any idea how frustrating that is? Yeah, yeah, I know what you're thinking-but you're wrong. it wasn't just was cheese with my name on the gift tag! Anyway, like the Cubs fans like to say, "This is gonna be the year!" Good to have goals, right?

Speaking of New Year's Eve...
I was at the supermarket picking out sparkling grape juice with Danny. It is non-alcoholic, and comes in a variety of flavours. Some fellow, about my age sees me telling Danny to just pick one, and thinking it was real champagne gives me the harshest glare any stranger has ever given me. I'm telling you the truth when I say it took EVERYTHING in me not to chase him down the aisle yelling, "Do you know where the candy cigarettes are?!?"

 This bag is nothing but a piece of rug sewn together-no lining or anything. I think I will try to take it apart, line it and re-sew the handle into something sturdier.

And now I'll just snuggle up in the lovely cashmere slipper socks Mr. ETB bought me (Thanks, honey!) with a cup of cocoa, and wait for the snow to begin. They said it would start around 5 PM. It is 4:28. That's plenty of time to get comfortable.

Hope you have a lovely (and warm, if you're in the Northern hemisphere) weekend.


Joanna said...

Oh I had to laugh when I saw that sweater. I've never seen one like it. So funny! I can quite imagine the rest of the line. I remember those cigarette candies quite well. It is hard to imagine them being so popular back then…looking back. I loved the bubble gum ones where they had some kind of powder in them so you got the true effect of smoke blowing. Funny because I wouldn't let my children have them but I guess since my mother was a smoker back then, like most people, she didn't mind. Just like a lucky rabbits foot, what's so lucky about a poor little rabbits foot on a chain?

Goody said...

Oh gosh, the rabbit's foot things were terrible...I mean, "Lucky" would be a full length coat, ya know?

They still sell candy cigs here, but they call them, "Sugar Sticks." Like the red painted tip doesn't look like a smoke. I can remember eating a pretzel rod, and my mother joking around and lighting it for me like it was a cigar.

Helga said...

Funny, we've been hit with Summer like a geriatric on viagra with a vengeance!!! Queer steer.
Fuck ME, but I love you as a polar bear!!! And, I would have totally run that fucker down whilst screaming about candy ciggies....I get very wound up by tosspots.
Love that carpet bag thingy, LOVE the giraffe jumper-I'd have taken a good gander too, I'm not ashamed of slightly lezzo tendancies-and think you are the BEST thing to hit my computer screen all year!

Curtise said...

Oh Helga does make me laugh!
But back to you, in all your 1970s knitwear-and-fur glory! I love this outfit, sneaky peeking giraffes and all. We've had snow, which is unusual at Christmas time, and I don't like it at ALL!
Yes, sweet cigarettes are now renamed candy sticks here too, but that's not fooling anyone, is it? Nina snuck a sip of my spiced cider the other day, and now loudly declares to anyone who'll listen that she likes cider. Hmm, I'd better buy her some of the aforementioned "candy sticks" to eat while we wait for social services to come and take her away...
Hope you've all had a lovely Christmas! xxxx

Goody said...


I love it when you're saucy...don't you dare ever change!

You can always dismiss it with, "Oh, she means, "American Cider, which is apple juice."

It prohibitionist fringe here got so crazy for a while they wanted children to have grape juice for the communion at church. That was fun to watch the religious nuts having it out with the drug/alcohol abuse people. Church won that round. I think it started with a cop pulling over a family after church and smelling alcohol on the kid in the back seat. Eventually the state had to step in and pass legislation saying it was OK for kids to sip wine at communion. Only in Nebraska (As far as I know).

Mim said...

You make a most excellent polar bear! I had never seen jumpers like that before. Naughty giraffe!