Thursday, December 25, 2014

Happy Christmas 2014

Time for the baubles to go back in the box.
I hope you found everything you wanted in your stocking. I know I did.

And the traditional Christmas Day Walk, complete with Silly String.

Thanks to everyone that  takes the time to visit, and comment and share your expertise here.

Onward to 2015!


Sue said...

I love your gift!!!! You have the best family!!!!! And I love it when you talk on video, again, again, I want more. I love having you as a friend, visiting you in person has to go on my bucket list!!!!

Propagatrix said...

The voice of Mr. ETB!!! It's a Christmas miracle!

I'll see your fart blaster and raise you my remote-controlled tarantula. Most fun I've had in ages.

Jayne H said...

I'll have to try and see your video on another technological device - I love visiting, the pleasure is all mine, not sure I've shared any expertise but if I have you are welcome . . .

Goody said...


You may be the only person that enjoys the sound of my voice!

A remote controlled tarantula would be too tempting for me-imagine the mischief!

Trust me, hearing me play with a Fart Blaster isn't missing much ;)