Thursday, December 25, 2014

Yes, and No

To the person in Nottingham that found my blog searching for, "Is goose fat OK to fry poatoeos in?"

Yes, it is not only OK, it is delicious, and most vegetables would benefit from a quick pass through hot goose fat. However, I'm going to go out on a limb and judge that by the time of day you visited, and the way you spelled potatoes there may have been a bit of festive drinking going on at your place. Here's the thing-alcohol and deep fat frying don't mix. You're drunk and thinking, "Goose fat chips sound good!" and you're correct. Trouble is, you're pissed, and if you fill a pan with hot fat and start to nod off...well, you know that won't be good. So, in answer to your query, potatoes and goose fat are a match made in heaven, but if you attempt making them in your condition heaven may well be where you end up.

Try it some time when you're sober-you won't be disappointed!

1 comment:

Mim said...

Far better just to roast them in goose fat. Our Christmas goose keeps us in fat for roasties for about 8 months...