Thursday, December 11, 2014

Silver Belle

Because everyone needs a silver, satin jumpsuit in their wardrobe. 
(Go on, click the photo to enlarge it, you'll want to see the outfit in all its 80's glory).
You should have seen the shoulder pads I ripped out. They had to be eight inches thick. As the jacket also had absurdly large shoulders, I still managed the 80's silhouette without feeling like I ought to be running with a football.

Wearing this roomy jumpsuit was a little like going out in a really luxe spacesuit. Or hazmat. I should hang onto it for future Halloween inspiration. People kept approaching me at the library to tell me how elegant I looked, which is funny because I was going for edgy. I thought for sure the oversized 80's blazer and wedge trainers would have taken some of the formality out of it. No matter, I'll take a compliment, and you certainly could dress this up with rhinestones and perhaps a velvet coat to transform it into evening wear. 
Now that's how you match a belt. Sometimes I impress myself. The jumpsuit still has the original belt, but this one is nicer. 
Not dressy shoes but oh-so-comfortable. 

 Can you imagine how big the shoulders would look if I hadn't taken the pads out of the jumpsuit? I'm trying to remember how I dealt with this in the 80's, and as far as I can remember, we just wore them. I had a friend that would buy extra ones to stuff into shirts making them even higher. I'm just too short and buxom for huge shoulders, but I love the look on other people.
 That's a pretty badass necklace, but it is made of aluminum and is very lightweight.
The cookies were a huge hit at the library, and one of the volunteers gifted Danny some vintage joke books. "Knock-Knock"
"Go Away!"

The creepy lion on the wall approves. 

Outfit Particulars:

1980's satin jumpsuit-Goodwill .99 cents
Wool double breasted blazer-Goodwill
Wedge trainers-K Mart a couple years ago
Chain necklace-Gordman's
Earrings- K Mart
Rings-Assorted places
Reindeer brooch (on jacket) Hand-Me-Ups
Fragrance-Jovan Woman

I have a couple events this weekend that require a little nicer than usual attire. So of course the big question is, "Sequins, or lace?" Yeah, I know-"Both!" We'll see. 

Almost Friday!


Mim said...

I avoid satin. It's not the fat lady's friend! And on top of that, i'd be terrified of getting cameltoe in a satin jumpsuit. You are one brave lady!

I look forward to seeing the weekend dressy outfits.

Goody said...


It helps avoid the CT situation if the jumpsuit is oversized.

Bibi said...

Those absurdly large shoulder pads were there to balance those absurdly large hairdo's we all wore in the 80's.
Damn, I have to hit the costume jewelry dept at K-Mart the next time I'm in the US- I'm loving those chandelier earrings & they would soooo go with some of my Indian saris.
I'm liking the silvery 'winter wonderland' meets 'bohemian chic' outfits in contrast to the traditional 'plaid mad' Xmas ensembles, carry on!

Curtise said...

I agree with Bibi, I've had enough of cosy sweaters, scarves the size of tablecloths and tartan now - silver satin for Christmas all the way! That jewellery is insanely huge and wonderful too. Next time, massive 80s hair to match please! xxx

Goody said...

@Bibi and Curtise

I don't think my hair would do the things it did in the 80's (not without a perm anyway).