Saturday, December 13, 2014

Pants? Can't Be Bothered

Don't you worry though, I've got tap pants underneath.
It was the day I'd designated for spreading Christmas cheer-that is, I went to deliver homemade jam and Lucia buns to all the people on my list. It was an unseasonably warm day-the sort of day that makes you wonder where the blizzard is that almost always follows this sort of warmth. As it looks like we may never get winter, I went ahead and wore my vintage skating costume knowing I wouldn't be getting anywhere near ice soon...because there isn't any!
What do you mean, "No owl?" I'm wearing a rather large one round my neck. See?
The saffron buns came up especially nice this year.
A tablet attempted to get fresh with me at the store. You have to watch out for those voice-recognition perverts. And you know it is exaggerating. Perhaps six inches, at most.

 Speaking of Naughty Lists, I'm afraid Father Christmas is a bit lecherous as well.
Outfit Particulars:

1970's skater dress-Goodwill
Tights-can't remember
Owl Pendant-Hand-Me-Ups
Earrings-Big Lots
Poinsetta brooch-K Mart
Hair flower-Tiff and Tam
Waistcoat-Esprit, years ago
Boots-K Mart
Vinyl 1970's bag-Goodwill
Belt-Thrift World
Satin coat-Neiman Marcus (by way of Thrift World)
 We bring walkie-talkies to the mall to report naughty children to Father Christmas. I had a security guard rolling his eyes, and a mother laughing so hard I thought she;'d pee her pants. "Come in Sandpiper, I have a naughty child in aisle four. Do you read me?" Great fun.

There was a quick stop at the library as well. 

I made what I *hope* will be my last trip to Hobby Lobby for a while to get more food colour decorating pens for the cookies atop Danny's Birthday cake. Somehow, I left with a cart full of other stuff like seashells (I thought the landlocked kid might like some shells in his Christmas stocking) blown glass figurines, and educational toys. I may wish to re-think a kit that builds a working trebuchet. Ten year old boy+catapult=nothing good. Oh well, we have insurance.

Here's this year's gingerbread house. Not my best work, but acceptable.
I shouldn't do things in a hurry. Still, Danny's happy with it, and the dining room is fragrant with spices. I don't know what happened with the green icing. Thank goodness for candy to disguise could say they were (wait for it) Lifesavers.
 This 1950's cocktail dress is my first choice for tomorrow's ballet. It fits perfectly, and the weather continues to be warm. Still, it is a little...boring.

 This is second choice. Less flattering due to all the sequins, but less boring. It would be difficult to accessorise.

 This is a three piece silk and bead outfit with palazzo pants. The blue is much deeper than the photo suggests, and the beading less obvious. This would be the most comfortable option, but a tad too respectable looking (for me).
The caftan is going to a birthday party at a posh hotel next week, but I couldn't resist showing it to you. I'm going to glam the hell out of this thing.

I'll probably decide as I'm getting dressed, but I have a large can of super-hold Aqua Net and some beautiful rhinestone hair combs so I guess it will be an up-do.

The perfume decants arrived today, but I haven't had a chance to sit down and do a proper assessment. As there's precious little of the Djedi, I want to chose a day when I can take notes, and not have to be around anyone. I don't think wearing it in a crowded theatre would be polite. I did catch a whiff of the vintage Guerlain Vetiver, and now I'm re-thinking giving it to Danny and keeping it for myself. I forgot just how much I love it.

Hope your weekend is going well and that no electronic devices try to get fresh with you.


Sue said...

Cop a look at those sexy legs!! Love the tights, I bet you definitely bought some seasonal cheer while out and about. Before I forget, THANKS SO MUCH for my Christmas cheer that you sent to me. You are such an angel, so Mwa mwa and big hugs to you!!! I so want to come to the shopping mall with you and have a walkie talkie, you have the very best fun!!!

Bibi said...

Love the walkie talkie idea.
Walkie talkies are illegal in Nepal ever since the Maoists took over (Whatever are they thinking as everybody has mobile phones now?)
Anyway we used to have all sorts of fun in the pharmacy with the store wide intercom announcing naughty children in the prophylactics or feminine hygiene aisle.
I'm rather partial to the beaded silk ensemble with the palazzos myself, looks elegant & comfy. I don't think the 1950's cocktail dress looks boring at all, rather you could glam the hell out of it with bling-y accessories.
I'd rethink that Guerlain Vetiver too, I tried Tom Ford's Grey Vetiver & all I got out of it was spicy burnt cabbage with a die down of poopy diaper. Guerlain still does it best!

Curtise said...

Ooh, you look as though you're about to twirl yourself into a triple lutz (or maybe attack another skater in a fit of pique, I'm not sure...) Either way, I'm loving the short length and the tights, It really is Christmas! Can you report Nina to Santa on your walkie talkie please? She's getting on my nerves.
I have to say I'm very taken with the 1950s cocktail dress - it's not boring, it's beautiful. But the kaftan is a stunner too, I'm glad that one has a party planned. xxxx

Goody said...

I'm glad it arrived safe and sound. We could have crazy fun at a mall (until they asked us to leave;)

When I worked at a pharmacy years ago, we could always tell who was headed to the back wall to buy condoms. We'd always make sure to ask the really awkward fellows if the nedded help finding anything...before they would bolt from the store.
I've yet to smell a Tom Ford fragrance I like. Didn't he re-do Azuree into something horrible?

I lived in Boston when the skater fight went down and the news was 24/7 camped out in front of Nancy Kerrigan's family home. We were treated to that video of her crying, "WHY?!?!" over and over and over. It didn't help that there was a series of bad snowstorms keeping us trapped at home with nothing to watch but the skating drama.

You'd think kids would know to cool it around Christmas, but they never do. I suppose they know threats to cancel Christmas are just that-threats. Have a mince pie-it soothes headaches.

Asparagus Pea said...

Have spent the day dressed as a (six foot) elf doing 'meet santa' at work. Best 'what would you like for christmas?' request from a 3 yr old boy - 'A shed please' xxx

Helga said...

G would like me to say that he approves of the length of your skirt....I am very pleased you are wearing safety pants! Your pins rock! I'm pretty sure I have those same holey tights, too!
We are both very amused by the walkie talkies, and really want a set. Only both of us are terrified of the mall, so we might take them to the local swimming pool instead. "Come in Harlequin, there's a child doing a dump in the paddling pool, over and out"...
That lace cocktail frock rocks my panties off. Gorgeous! Pick that one, and maybe hem it as short as this skater frock to save it from any potential boredom?! Failing that, perhaps go to the ballet in ballet atyle?! Like, a giant tutu and full stage makeup, perhaps even a swan handbag or stole?! Actually, I could do with a swan in some shape or form to wear menacingly...must look into this..

Goody said...


A shed seems like an excellent thing to ask for!

Hope the new job (outside of elf duty) is going well.

Goody said...


I suppose I should have titled the post, "Pants, can't be arsed!" but I didn't think of it until just now.

Yeah, I need the Bjork Swan Dress from the oscars way back when. That would be perfect!

Mim said...

Who needs trousers with legs like those, eh? you look splendid.

I think a trebuchet is an excellent present, it's educational ;-) You could always make a series of targets of things Danny really hates to encourage him to fire at those and spare the windows.

I really like the 50s cocktail dress, but it would need some big diamante with it. It doesn't scream 'Goody' at me as it is...