Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Travelling Vintage Dress-Something Old, Something New

The travelling vintage dress finally made it to Omaha. I was so excited to be part of this adventure Joanna at Dividing Vintage Moments put together. The dress has already been along the East coast of the United States, and all the way out West. Now it is here, smack dab in the middle of the continent (well, *almost* as the geographical centre of the US is in Northern Kansas-but close enough). Each of the women participating have given it their own beautiful style, and it has been such a treat following the dress along the stops.

I know, I know, "Babies aren't accessories", blah, blah, blah but something old needs something new to perk it up. I grabbed the newest member of the household for a photo-op. We'd been waiting for the right time to make an on-blog announcement, and this seemed as good as any. Danny is taking his Big Brother duties quite seriously...except for the nappies. He won't touch them.
"Shhh, don't wake baby."

The pink robe and booties were my mum's when she was born in 1935. I'm sure she would have been happy to see them still being put to use, and what better time than with the travelling vintage dress. 

Sorry I look so knackered in these photos, but I'd forgotten how exhausting it all is. He's the spitting image of Mr. ETB.

Uh oh.
I think there was a mix-up at the zoo hospital. 
 I'm pretty sure if there *is* an afterlife, my mother is going to be mighty annoyed that I dressed a stuffed wombat in her baby items.

All right then, Orson, you've had your 15 minutes.

I was unsure what the best way to wear this dress would be. I don't own a great deal of  late 40's/early 50's items, so rather than worry about authenticity, I went with colour. The tights are a bit bright in the photo, but worked nicely in person. I tried to pick up the beige tones with the hat, and the yellows with some bangles. It was freezing today, so I didn't waste any time getting these photos taken.

 Such a beautifully home-sewn dress-the buttons alone must have been maddening. I wish I could go out today, and buy such a well made dress.
 Funny aside about the shoes-when I was standing in line at the thrift store, a teenaged girl said to me, "Oh well you can wear the old lady stuff."
Yes dear, I can. I like to think I got a good bargain for $2.99

I have enjoyed being able to participate in the travelling vintage dress, and now it is time for me to send it off to the next participant, in the city where I was born. Have a good time in Chicago, Vintage Dress. Eat some pirogi, and blow the lake a kiss for me.

"No, Orson you can not go to Chicago."


Sue said...

You had me for a minute, thought you had gone and got yourself a baby!! You are so funny and Danny is an excellent side kick to these moments!!

Beth Waltz said...

The dress is charming, Goody. Only those of us who can remember wearing mini's on hot/cold leather car seats truly appreciate flowing fabric skirts.

However, I can't decide which I covet more: your wombat or your spectators!

Propagatrix said...

The dress, the cardigan, the shoes, the wombat...what's not to love?

Curtise said...

A gorgeous dress, and a new baby in the family - how exciting, who doesn't want a vintage frock and a baby wombat? (Your mum would think you've gone bonkers...) xxx

Joanna said...

I'm amazed at all the different looks you lovely ladies have been getting from the dress. Love it! Who would have thought to put spectator shoes to this dress with purple tights and pull it off? You did:) Love it. So fun! You did such a wonderful job of styling this dress and the color combination of the dress works so well for you. Fun!!! Thanks for participating!!!

Goody said...

Nah, Danny was my, "Last Egg".

@Beth Waltz
Or a plastic covered sofa in summer. That was awful.

Everyone in the family was bonkers! We couldn't decide if it would be the wombat, or the hot water bottle featuring in the post, but we knew we wanted to have a bit of fun with it.


Thank you for doing this-it has been so great watching the dress go to everyone. It was interesting to wear something out of my comfort zone, and see what I could do with it.

Joanna said...

You know I forgot to also mention, what happened to your Zoolander pose?:)) I totally saw you with this.

Goody said...


I never saw I'm not sure what the pose is. I'm really not up-to-date on my pop culture.

Jessica said...

It looks great on you, and a stuffed wombat would probably be preferable to a real one. I'm assuming, anyway. And the dress is having a simply marvelous time in Chicago, I promise. ;)
Jessica, Zella Maybe