Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Things and Stuff

Thank you all for your kind words of encouragement as I deal with this flu. I'm so sorry that it has made the rounds to so many of you. 

The unfinished root canal (the one that injured my face and eye) is now abscessed, and being made all the worse from the pressure of my sinuses from the flu. It needs to come out, but not before (another) hefty dose of antibiotics. I can tell you, Ibuprofen isn't helping. 

As I recuperate (yeah, I know that's optimistic, but what the hell) I thought it would be fun to show some recently acquired items, and less-than-perfect photo shoots. I've been keeping myself amused by watching a box set of the Carol Burnett Show, and  Mr. ETB took me out for a bit, though perhaps I would have been better not to push myself (really, all I did was sit, but even that felt like an effort). I am the only person alive that gets insomnia from cold medicine. It could knock out a horse, but in my bloodstream I'm fidgety, and wide, wide awake. I should have stuck to the schnapps like my dad always did. Anyway, I hope I don't sound too blathery, but if I do, sorry in advance. 

Let's start with a couple old bags sitting in my kitchen. The purse in front is a vintage, pristine (save for a small dent on the front), Jenny Bag. Joanna from Dividing Vintage Moments was kind enough to tip us off on her blog, and I hurried over to eBay as fast as my little fingers could type to snag it. It still had the original tags. I used it today for the first time, and it is such a well made purse. It was an absolute joy to use.

 The bag behind it was a four dollar score from Thrift World. That one's vinyl, but still a beauty.
Another fantastic eBay score-5 Lentheric perfumes for $11.49 They're full, sealed in the original cellophane. When my nose clears up, I'll give them reviews. I'm really intrigued by Dark Brilliance. New perfume and a stuffed up nose really is hell.
The lamp I bought last weekend at Hand-Me-Ups. $7.00 Originally, they had $14.00 on it, but it didn't sell and eventually after a few months ended up in the half price section. I can't believe I overlooked it on previous visits, or that someone else didn't snag it. Sometimes things just blend in and get overlooked, I guess. Lesson learned though-always check the lamp section at Hand-Me-Ups. That store is like the world's best undiscovered boutique. The stock is well curated, and they don't take just anything. If you visit Omaha and don't have much time, make this the one thrift store you visit-you won't be disappointed.
A closer look at the shade. This lamp weighs a tonne! I still haven't decided where it will go. I keep buying lamps, and the house is still dark. Living without overhead lights is miserable. I'm still looking for a nice swag lamp for the living room/dining room area. Eventually the thrifting gods will send me one if I sacrifice a plastic deer or something.
Suede hat? Don't mind if I do! Not really my style as it is, but I have a silk flowers, sequins and a glue gun that I'm not afraid to use. I'm sure I'll come up with something.

Say, you know who knew how to work a bit of sequins and rhinestone?
How about a cookbook? The recipes don't sound half bad either. Liberace is wearing a necklace that my mother had. It was a gold coin surrounded by diamonds in a octagonal setting. She hated it, but my dad bought it (he thought it was lovely) and it couldn't be returned. I'm sure dad would have been impressed to know Liberace shared his taste in accessories. That was either '76 or '77 though Liberace's suit looks slightly later-maybe he had the necklace for a few years. Geez, I know far too much about the lapels on men's 70's sport coats. 
Leaving Liberace's coat to talk about my new wool coat.
The photo does not do justice to how beautiful this is.
I purchased it from Vintage Runway

It was an incredible deal, and as soon as I tried it on, I felt like I was wearing the coat I'd been seeking my entire life. I never could have worn something like this on the farm (too much dirt) or with the falling apart upholstery in the old car. A new home and a new car sort of demanded a new coat-and here it is, the cream coloured coat of my dreams.
Yep, I look like hell-just admire the coat ;)
Nice lining too. It had a small tear, which was why it was so inexpensive. Five minutes with a needle and thread will fix that problem. Vintage is rarely perfect, but when I saw the triple row of buttons, and otherwise excellent condition coat, I knew it would be worth my time to make the repair.

The new ride. We haven't named it yet. "The Out of Focus" sounds too pessimistic, though it does have an annoying blind spot in the back.

Let's take a break to see the Lego exhibit at the botanical gardens.
Amazing, isn't it? I never had the patience for sticking tiny blocks together.
 The best thing about Lauritzen Gardens when you're sick (I was over the incubation period at that point and had no fever, so I wasn't spreading it) is that the conservatory is like a giant humidifier. The steam jets turn on, and you're misted with warm water, and the sun is shining and it is just lovely. Like the best spa in the world. Still, I can't seem to get, Day of the Triffids out of my mind...Nah, that could never happen.
I was exhausted after that though, so they boys took me for a drive to...Come on, guess...
 Six men in a perogue going up the river?! I hope someone remembered the sour cream!
I know you were sitting at home wondering what the confluence of the Platte and Missouri rivers looked like. You don't cross it so much as wade across at this point. It is quite shallow, even once the spring thaws come. Well, most years, except when it floods. You know, life in Nebraska.

Anyway, I barely remember any of it as I was kind of dazed,  The field behind us had dried remains of sunflowers that the winter birds could feast on. It must be beautiful down here in the summer. It was a very short drive from Omaha, so I'm sure we'll be back.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch townhouse...

 I kinda-sorta dealt with the library. No, you don't want to see the adjoining room. I haven't dealt with that yet. I like to think of it as a work in progress, without any work being done or any progress being made. Rome wasn't built in a day, etc. Man, I should really prune the lime tree. That's our (only) TV. Absurd, I know but we're just not television people.

I'm more of a radio person  (it works too).

I couldn't remember if I'd shown this wooden beaded bag before. I picked it up for a buck in Council Bluffs, IA. Cute as can be, but it really doesn't hold much more than a lipstick and a hankie. 

You know I'm sick if I'm wearing trousers.
No, I couldn't be bothered to steam them. They're men's wool gab, and they are going on close to thirty years in my possession. They're durable, and perfect for a day when you can't manage to dress. I bought some cold medicine at Walgreens that has a decongestant, antihistamine, cough suppressant, and some other stuff in it. It hasn't made me drowsy, which is a shame because I really need some sleep. I'm past the spreading it stage (no fever) but I feel like a turd.
I came home and collapsed shortly after this photo was taken, but I had to get to the library. Some people visit a doctor when they're ill-I consult a librarian. She was sick too.

I haven't forgotten about that tapestry ensemble-just waiting to feel human again before wearing it.


Sue said...

Glad you got up and about. Sometimes getting out in the fresh air is the best thing, even if you cannot remember going out!! The gardens you went to looked lovely, and as for the lego, WOW!!! You still managed to look gorgeous, flu or not, I think you looked fab. Cannot wait to see how you pimp up that hat. Take care.

Beth Waltz said...

I'm so sorry you're so miserable, Goody. "Simply Saline Nasal Mist", a drug-free spray in a can, has helped me get some sleep. Since the usual OTCs aren't helping, you might try it.

On to things and stuff -- Finding a good black bag is like finding a good black dress, a treasure scored! So is that chic blue suede toque. It does inspire one to have a nice rumage through the rhinestones for a suitable ornament!

The coat is timeless elegance with buttons. I do agree that the presence of all buttons indicates a well-cared for garment, well worth some minor mending. Besides, it coordinates well with the new car!

Hmmm. The car is a Focus and 'focus' puts one in mind of lenses. How about naming it Fresnel?

I'd love a good snoop in your library/stacks. Good gad, your television is as old as mine! I've even kept the converter box thingy because the set is used only as a VHS/dvd player (and usually decently cloaked in a length of vintage fabric).

Sunshine?! You need a nice nap in sunbeams, Goody. Hope you feel better soon.

Propagatrix said...

You poor dear. Leave it to you to have complications on your complications.

That suede hat is crying out for a huge brooch. And your books look like my books, except mine are distributed among several rooms because we don't have any large unbroken sections of wall.

Mim said...

Oh lordy, I'm sorry to hear the infection is still there. I ended up having to have bone drilled out of my jaw, I hope it doesn't go that far for you. (I'm a big advocate of high doses of vitamin C to back up antibiotics, it's the one thing that kept my bone infection under control.) Metronidazole, for a fortnight, is a decent antibiotic. That sounds like a lot, and it is, but you need a 'big gun' for a dental infection.

You've definitely earned that beautiful coat!

Goody said...


I'm scheduled for surgery Tuesday, so I have all weekend to take the vitamin C-thank you for the advice, I'd never heard that before.

Goody said...


Thank you all for your kind support. This (all of it) has been quite shit. My son decided to do something so incredibly stupid only a ten year old boy could dream it up, and so we've been dealing with that as well. His timing really stinks, but that's always how these things are-when it rains it pours, right?

Anyway, I really do appreciate you all being here for me. I try to keep the moaning to a minimum because...well, because! This has been an exceptional pile of stuff to deal with at once, and I sure am glad I have you guys to lean on. Thanks again.