Thursday, January 15, 2015

Yeah, That'll Show 'Em

I couldn't make this shit up

I know the media makes it seem commonplace, but armed intruders shooting up schools are really quite rare. But yeah, let's just have the kids stockpile tins of corn to lob in self defense anyway.



Janice said...

Fear Mongering!! For weeks last school year my daughter would come home from school and share some horrific story that she had watched in school on Channel 1 News. The daily broadcast was filled with abduction stories etc. I told her to just read a book and ignore it all. Parents are policed on showing "G" rated movies to our children but yet, the schools parade around murders and rapists on their news broadcasts. If someone has a gun, I don't think kidney beans are gonna do you much good! It's all bunk. ~January ranting!

Goody said...

Yeah, it is just nuts how much graphic violence they show on tee-vee. We took Danny to the local art house cinema to watch Citizen One, and stay for a q&a after with a constitutional scholar. Sound great, right? Educational anyway. We had THREE different people who work at the cinema approach us in our seats to warn us it had an R rating because there were a few F-bombs. That's it, swearing. Now, I can see someone taking issue with the ideology (not that I personally do) but a 10 year old, with both parents watching a movie about a whistleblower probably didn't warrant that sort of panicked, "Oh my gosh, there's a kid here" reaction.
But yeah, he could look at blood soaked corpses on the six o clock news and no one would bat an eyelash.

Then of course, our library wouldn't let him check out Macbeth...because it is...wait for it..."Violent."

I feel sorry for these children, I really do.

Curtise said...

Good grief. That's mad. My kids throwing skills are rubbish, they'd never hit an intruder with a tin of tomatoes in a month of Sundays. xxx