Saturday, January 03, 2015

"You Look Like Someone That Should Be Giving Orders"

It must be the shoulders, as I rarely come across as top of the command chain.

I was about to say the suit isn't vintage, but then I remembered buying it in the 80's, and now I suppose it is. This suit was definitely old-fashioned when I purchased it, and probably referencing the 40's. Marshall Field's had a department called, The Country Shop, which can safely be translated as, "Clothes for the horsey set when they're not wearing jodhpurs." The real horsey-set don't wear Ralph Lauren, or they didn't.
I am rather tight with a dollar. That's neither a source of pride nor shame, but a fact. When I do spend significant money on something, I expect quality. I like to think all the shopping at Aldi and driving the Mighty Ford Tempo affords me the ability to splash out on really well made upholstery fabric, or in this case, a suit that has now survived a good thirty years of regular wear. When I saw it, I knew it was an investment piece, and today I am glad I invested as the dividend has been excellent. Yes, it is slightly too big on me now (no worry, at the rate I'm piling on the pounds it will be filled-out properly in no time) but it is well made. The buttons down the skirt do not come undone when walking or sitting, and all the pockets are functional. The suit came with several replacement buttons, which I have used from time to time.
Here's a closer look at the feathers on the hat. Because my hair is brown, it isn't always obvious that those are feathers. Believe me, I've had split ends that looked worse.
Funny story about the earrings-I was sure they were cheap plastic, but Danny took a look and said, "Let me rub them, they look like Bakelite." Sure enough, they gave off the familiar stink. The kid has a good eye, and has found some interesting pieces I would have otherwise overlooked.

Outfit Particulars:
1980's Marshall Field's Country Shop Wool Plaid Suit
1980's Pendelton blouse-Goodwill or Hand-Me-Ups (can't remember)
60's glass beads-Hand-Me-Ups
50's Bakelite earrings-Et cetera Thrift , Seward, NE .59 Cents!
Brown Gloves-Hand-Me-Ups
Brown shoes-K Mart
Bangles-orange lucite and cinnabar, Hand-Me-Ups, Layered glass bangle-Goodwill
Brown leather belt-Hand-Me-Ups
1930's (possibly early 40's) Vogue hat, Stamped France
1950's (early 60's?) handbag-Ruby Begonia's, Lincoln, NE
Fragrance-Mitsouko (and plenty of it, because this suit demands it!)

Terrible photo (sorry). The bottom bangle is the layered glass. I promise to give it a proper photo shoot as it is really deserving of one. I'm a little afraid to wear it for fear of chipping it. 
A better look at the hat. 

I'm listening to the wind tearing through here at gale force, and appreciating that I no longer live on the farm. The snow has yet to arrive (it will, it will) but in a few hours the visibility will be down to nothing, and on those rural roads, travel would be impossible. Nights like this terrified me, particularly if it hit around the time Mr. ETB was driving home from the city. With nothing but fields on either side of the road for mile after mile, it could be difficult to tell where the road was. I'm not looking forward to a storm, but knowing I'm not trapped by it does change things considerably. There were times we couldn't get down the 1/2 mile drive to the main road. 

I made a gigantic pot of pea soup to get us through the deep-freeze this weekend. Anything below 0 degrees F. is bad, but add the wind into it, and it is no laughing matter. You don't need me to lecture about frostbite, so I'll just remind you to wear a hat and gloves in cold weather, and don't be foolish. Frostbite is FAST. 

I hope you're having a nice weekend, and better weather than we are. Brrr. 


Sue said...

So glad you did a close up of your hat, I would have slipped into the that is part of her hair group. Very cool hat. You suit suits, you always go the full hog and glove, hat, belt and bag the look. I would take orders from you wearing that. Keep warm.

Curtise said...

Loving the Forties vibe of the suit, and the hat is a beauty. I agree, you look like a Woman in Charge!
Well done Danny for the Bakelite spotting, and yes, stay wrapped up and warm. Our snow has all gone now, and I'd be happy if that was all we have this winter... xxx

Helga said...

My knees feel a bit quivery at the thought of you ordering me about whilst dressed in that fabularse suit!
I too am tight with my hard earned dollar. Hence the vintage, as the quality AND price suit me perfectly.
Gawd, keep Danny on. He's a bakelite sniffer hound!
Rock the hell ON into my new year, baby!

Goody said...

I know it sounds strange, but hat or gloves seems wrong-one needs the other, sort of like matching shoes and handbag. Pathetic, I know.

I'm glad to hear your snow is gone. It is nice until you have to go somewhere. I must say, you have the right clothes for it-faux fur is warm.

If I'm honest, my most threatening look is waving a feather duster about and complaining that no one picks up their shit...that's when people get worried at what I might do!