Thursday, September 04, 2014

I'm Not Intolerant...

...people are intolerable.
Goodness! It is only Thursday, I don't typically have to endure this level of bad behavior until Friday afternoon when people somehow feel entitled to act like crazed idiots. Driving, grocery shopping-these activities go so much smoother when people pay attention to what they're doing, and don't leave their manners at home. Can I go back to Red Cloud? Please?
No? Fine then, we might as well talk about clothes. I snapped-up this cotton/Dacron blend 60's blouse for .99 cents at the Salvation Army store in Lincoln. The collar intrigued me, as did the cuffs on the sleeves. The fabric is soft, and wrinkle-free and it reminds me just how nice those cotton/synthetic blends were back then. I had a couple of similar shirts in High School that I had raided my mother's packed away clothes for. She couldn't imagine what I wanted with them, but she should have figured-I've never enjoyed ironing. Wash-n-wear was/is where it's at.
Throw in a wild collar, and I'm all over it. I had a bit of trouble finding a skirt to go with it. My first choice was a lovely vintage Koret twill skirt with huge front pockets, and white snaps. Unfortunately, I looked like a cross between a zookeeper, and a Brownies troop leader. I don't like wild animals, and I'm not particularly skilled at starting fires from sticks, so I settled on this printed skirt instead. The brooch was purchased Tuesday at Et-Cetera Thrift Shop in Seward, Nebraska. This was easily the best thrift store I've been to in years. This brooch? .50 cents. I came home with vintage rayon fabric, 40's silk blouses, more 50's and 60's NOS stockings than I ever saw in one place, and metal zippers. Oh goodness, the piles and piles of metal zippers for a quarter each. Packages of vintage binding tape, brooches, earrings, a raincoat-you name it, I found it. It was a vintage sewing enthusiast's version of Heaven. If you find yourself anywhere near Seward, Nebraska-make a point of stopping. If you drive across the US at some point you have to go through here anyway-why not hit the best thrift store for miles? The fabric gets put out every other Wednesday, if you're interested.
 Is it almost like having an extramarital affair to cheat on your favourite thrift shop? My money usually goes to Hand-Me-Ups, but I spent their budgeted thrifting money in Seward. Kind of like when I go to a different library, and I hope no one sees me there, because our librarian would be insulted ("I could reserve those books and have them sent from another branch, you know.").
 Or the time I ran into the manager of our grocery another store. Uh huh. Fancy seeing you here.

Outfit Particulars:

Vintage skirt-Thrift World, Millard
60's blouse-Salvation Army, Lincoln
Hair bows-Tiff and Tam
Brooch-Et-Cetera Thrift Shop, Seward
Gaymode 60's shoes-Thrifted
Bracelets-thrifted here and there
Massive green ring-Goodwill

If you must go out today, be warned-there's something afoot making people behave badly. Let's hope it passes soon, or I may well make good on the threat, and go back to Red Cloud.



Curtise said...

Been out, but it was OK, don't worry. Must just be the folk round your way being arseholes.
Love that patchwork print skirt, and the blouse has a rather 1940s look about it, I think my mother may have worn something similar when she was a Landgirl just after the war. Which is a Good Thing, in case you're wondering.
How wonderful to find such a great thrift shop, it sounds brilliant. Of course a little bit of extra-thrifting exploration isn't really cheating. It didn't mean anything, it was just a bit of fun, no one needs to get hurt... xxxx

Goody said...

Finally, a Land-Girl look I can wear (I sadly can't manage dungarees)and I don't have to do any of the hard work they did. We have it so easy in 2014 with our well-stocked supermarkets.

Think I should bring flowers to the thrift store next time, or will that just make them suspicious?

Joanna said...

Rayon blouses at a thrift store at cheapo prices! I can only dream. I hope you post about some of them. If you ever see rayon 40s novelty prints, snap em up. I'm on the look out for 40s novelty prints and 50s Paris theme'd skirts. 40s rayons and 50s novelty skirts are outta control price wise lately maybe it's just because I'm interested in them. I always like it when I'm the only one that is interested in something then I can find things cheap but this is rare as vintage seems to be the in thing. Oh, I think 70s polyester is still cheap but I'm not quite there yet…you however rock a good polyester print:))) I like that you don't buy into the hype of things and dress for what you enjoy:))

Goody said...


The rayon fabric has a sort of nice print, there just isn't that much of it. I'm thinking I could do contrast sleeves and collar on a dress or something, but I'm not sure. I will try to get that posted soon. I did get a lovely pink novelty print rayon skirt (feather pattern)but it is also, so tiny (I mean, who has a nineteen inch waist, FFS?)that I may refashion it into sleeves as well. It looks like it was originally a home sewn skirt.

I have been keeping my eyes open for a Paris skirt for you, but I think it is as rare as hen's teeth.

Yeah, I think you're too classy for a polyester pantsuit, but if you change your mind, we can go out for the Early Bird dinner at the Sizzler down the street. You know, it isn't some cheap place like Denny's, and you're expected to dress for the occasion ;)

Sue said...

Somehow I think you would make an awesome Brownies leader, the girls might not learn how to make a fire with sticks but they would learn about THRIFTING!!

Witchcrafted Life said...

Goodness, do I hear you, though in my case, it's mostly been people online who seem to either be off their rocker or have a serious bee in their bonnet. I'm easy going and very understanding, but it seems like their have been some real characters coming out the woodwork as of late and I'm literally physically shaking from the stress and worry of dealing with such people so much lately. :(

On a far more upbeat note, your outfit is awesome! That is one seriously cool collar for sure! I love olive green, especially come fall. It's the unsung hero of the quasi-neutral world, if you ask me.

Here's to the hope that once we've made it through the transition from summer to fall, more folks snap (back?) to their senses again.

♥ Jessica

Asparagus Pea said...

I love the idea of being unfaithful to your local library - that's so upright citizenly! (Not sure that's a word) x

Helga said...

I'm so fecking with you, people ARE intolerable. Every day. I'm forever whining about it. If only it was legal to shoot 'em.
Bloody love that collar. It's all in the details, baby. The brooch is pretty damned magic.

Goody said...


What frightens me is that I live in a part of the country known for people being "nice" they even made a tourism campaign, "Nebraska, Nice." If this is nice, then I'm afraid I might be screwed.

I'd settle for, "civil." or even, "Sorta polite."