Friday, September 26, 2014

"No More Ultra -Suede", he said...

..."That's OK" I replied, I never really liked rutabagas.

I do think, "Ultra Swede" would be a good name for a blog (or a band) but anyway, what prompted Danny's outburst was the annual unpacking of my winter wardrobe. Apparently he feels three dresses, five suits and another five jackets are, "too much of a fabric that hasn't been used in 30 years."

He's only partially correct as I think the stuff is still used in upholstery, but yes, the day of the three piece, bright green ultra suede suit may have passed. I don't see that an anything but a good reason to keep collecting. If I've learned anything just by being alive this long it is that eventually it all comes back. I saw a Gucci ad for a blouse with a high ruffled collar and sleeves like we wore in the late 70's, and believe me, I didn't think that look was ever seeing the light of day again.

There's something loveable about a fabric that is luxurious feeling and launderable. It takes colours so well (I have yellow, green, pink, red, teal, brown) and unlike real suede doesn't need to be brushed.  Most days I'm lucky if I brush my teeth-I'm not brushing a suit.

I expect that the true cause of the child's outburst was seeing his closet spaced reduced to about half a foot in the far corner where he can hang a few pairs of trousers. Well, that's winter-the clothes take more space and the obvious place to take it from is the closet of your nine year old son. He has an enormous chest of drawers to stow his wardrobe essentials (which is a few polo necks, a couple argyle vests, and shorts and socks).

So no, I won't be giving up the ultra suede anytime soon, but I may need to re-think my collection of tartans (damn you, Pendelton!) which is getting to the point where I may not have enough days of winter to get them all worn. I love a good plaid, but I believe we may be approaching peak-kilt. I'm not even going to discuss Fair Isle knits.

What about you? Is there a fabric/pattern that you find yourself purchasing again and again. And what about root vegetables? Boiled? Mashed? A Little salt and butter?

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