Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Things I'd Buy If Money Grew on Trees

Haven't done one of these posts recently, so here goes:

Skull Soap on a Rope-Put that theatre training to the shower!

The 1960's Coat of my Dreams!
A Beautiful 1950's dress
Something a little more 1895, perhaps?
 A Blouse I'm Seriously Considering (I don't understand why it hasn't sold-the price is great, and just LOOK at it!)
I Tried Dropping Hints That I'd Like This Coat (I don't think I'm getting it)
The Only Thing Better Than a Great Blouse? A Great YSL Blouse
Now That You're Dressed, You'll Want to Smell Good
Or Maybe You're More the Yendi Type (This is the fullest bottle of it I've seen in years)
Or a Perfume For The Grove Press Fan in Your Life
Alas, money doesn't grow on trees, so it is thrift shops and the odd Ebay score for now. These are all shops I haunt regularly, and when I find great places on the Internet, it only seems right to share.

And if anyone wants to buy me that velvet coat (or Grove Press books) I wouldn't protest.


Curtise said...

It's nice to do a little virtual window-shopping now and again, love the 60s coat and the 50s dress. And I can just see you in the velvet coat. Heavy hints to Mr ETB? There must be an anniversary/birthday/Christmas around the corner that needs marking with a delicious present, surely? Just a thought...! xxxx

Sue said...

The 1950s frock is divine!! Money does grow on trees but apparently it is illegal?

Goody said...

I dunno, that's more than our car cost!

Joanna said...

The 60s coat first referenced, must be a designer piece so lovely!

Goody said...

If I could get away with a tent shape without looking like I was actually wearing *a tent* I would snap that thing up.