Thursday, September 11, 2014

It Got Cold

 Cold, Damp, and far too much rain. Four inches of rain and 60 mph winds are completely uncalled for. Thank goodness for hot water bottles and teapots.
 Our State Flower, the Goldenrod is thankfully durable.
 I'm afraid the paths through our little park didn't fare as well.
 Gravel washed clear away down to the landscaping fabric.
 Flattened grass...
 This gives you an idea of how glaciers worked on a smaller scale, tearing through and depositing gravel where it wasn't before.
Strange how the really delicate things seem to fare so well.

This little wooded area is a deliberate planting behind a bank, some medical offices, our townhouses, and the college. There's a community garden, picnic tables, and a volleyball area. You could drive down Dodge Street and never notice it, which is partly what makes it so nice. Yesterday, we set out to do a bit of birding, and soon after saw several woodpeckers knocking about. This neighbourhood has so much going for it, but you have to look hard to spot the gems.
That isn't a woodpecker, it is a hairy post kid. He wouldn't sit on the bench by the goldenrod for fear it would go all sci-fi and do some Triffid style mischief. Goldenrod was used as a natural dye in pioneer days, as synthetic dyes were expensive and scarce. It comes up a brownish, mustard yellow.
But goodness, it is cold. I've got more tweed than the whole of Scotland in my cupboard, but I've yet to get things upacked, so today I made do with an acrylic crochet cape my mother made sometime in the 70's. And a hot water bottle. Gosh, it got cold.
I suggest layering.
 Fooled you-the blouse is actually a matching dickey.
If you were thinking today would have been an awful day for car trouble, you'd be right. Still, what can you do? Me? I clenched my teeth, put on the hazard lights, and just made it home. I don't panic over stuff like that, because driving the old cars I do, I'd be in a constant state of anxiety. I am sorry to report that the future looks grim for the Mighty Ford Tempo, but as far as I'm concerned, we got our five hundred bucks out of it. Shopping for a car is worse than car trouble, to be honest. Anyway, I save my worry and disquiet for really important things like, "Where is my hot water bottle?!" Oh god, if I lost that thing I'd curl up and die. I have chronic anemia, poor circulation and rheumatoid arthritis-I'm freezing cold in July.
Outfit Particulars:

1960's/70's polyester dress-Thrift World
Headscarf-Ben Franklin
Owl Necklace-Hand-Me-Ups
60's Handbag-Hand-Me-Ups
Earrings-An antique store in Cedar Grove, WI
Large prism ring-Nordstrom's circa '92
Other rings-thrifted
Celtic brooch-Goodwill
Clarks shoes-Goodwill
Crochet Cape-Made by Mum
Onyx/silver ring-Mum's
 If you look closely, you can see the camera in my ring.

The forecast looks wet and cold for some time ahead, guess I'd better get the tweeds out of mothballs.
 This isn't going to look this good in a week.

Better have another look...the winters are miserably long around here.

Keep warm, everyone.



Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Goodness that's a wet, chilly welcome to autumn! You'll need wet packs galore in addition to the hotties (local speak for hot water bottle: has nothing to do with Idris Elba and the "bulge"). Your jewellery is exquisite and I'm a sucker for tartan anything ... especially your Mum's beautiful cape!!!! Stay warm and keep swimming love. xoxo

Mim said...

Gooood perfume choice. When all else is going bobbins, Mitsy has the balls to deal with it! She takes no prisoners.

That's a *lot* of rain. Is it normal for your area?

Goody said...


No, this isn't normal for us-at all. Woke up to another thunderstorm this morning. So strange.

Propagatrix said...

A catalpa tree! I love catalpas!

Truly, it is not a '70s outfit without at least one owl. You have done well.

Curtise said...

You look like Little Edie of Grey Gardens in that first photo! Ugh, cold and rainy, the end of summer is definitely nigh. Loving the jewellery and your mum's crocheted cape. Stay warm and dry, OK? xxx

Autumn said...

I'm sorry about your weather. I'd happily trade with you: forecast 102-105 until Tuesday or so. We had 1, maybe 2 days of 100 in all of July and August? Thanks September!

Witchcrafted Life said...

That owl is magnificently cute! I love that it's winking - you just don't see enough winking in jewelry.

The temps plummeted here this week, so I can certainly relate. It's been sunny, but the heat of summer is already just a lovely memory.

Have a fabulous weekend, stylish lady!
♥ Jessica

Bibi Maizoon said...

Good gracious the weather this year!
We started out the season with the deadliest ever avalanche on Everest in April, then another on Kanchenjunga in April. Numerous landslides have cut us off from the main highway during the monsoon. Now the horrible flooding in my husband's native Kashmir. (22 inches of rain in 3 days.)
We have a Zodiac raft but perhaps we should put the house up on pontoons?
Anyhow, love the jewelry, especially the prism ring. Strangely the acrylic poncho coordinate uncannily well with the Vera shower curtain.

Goody said...

@ Curtise

"I fed the caaaaaaaaat."

Goody said...

I wish I could send you the rain. We had a frost last night-this is such a strange year.

Goody said...


That is awful! I feel silly complaining about our rain. 22 inches?! I cannot imagine.