Tuesday, September 02, 2014

The Middle of Everywhere

Guess where we went?
 We didn't travel on to Lebanon for souvenirs though.
We took some great photos instead. I was a little worried there might be thunderbolts if I went inside to have a peek, but everything went fine. Someone stole the guest ledger (I looked for it to sign) which seems like a particularly sinful thing to do.
I got out of there in a hurry, just in case the lightning was on a time-delay or something.

This is the view looking out from the centre of the US. That's pretty much what it looks like from all directions for the next 100 miles or so. We drove the few minutes down the road to see it because we were already in Red Cloud taking the Willa Cather Foundation Tour. If you can get yourself to Red Cloud, Nebr. you must take this tour. We ended up with a private tour, and our guide had all sorts of interesting anecdotes to share. I always enjoy taking the tour when I'm there, but this was Danny's first visit, and he was visibly moved to be able to look at Willa's bedroom, and stand in the same yard she did as a child.
 On Willa's front porch...
...and in her picket-fenced yard. Cather wrote about the fence saying it was for keeping out stray cattle and horses. Having had enough loose cattle find their way to my flower-bed, I can agree with the wisdom of a fence!
The sun was in our eyes-can you tell?
We stopped at the Welcome Centre in Hastings, birthplace of Kool-Aid. I warned Danny beforehand, not to mention the Jonestown massacre. People from Hastings get all defensive, and let you know that it wasn't Kool Aid at all, but rather some competitor brand that was used to poison the cult followers...because apparently that makes a difference. They're really awfully proud of their drink mix, so I made sure he kept his mouth shut. There's a wonderful museum in Hastings, and a college, but it is the Kool Aid they want you to think of when you think, Hastings.

Here's the real reason for your trip to South Central Nebraska-the Fair. Danny's Prize winners from left to right are, Apricot Nectar (1st) Apricot Jam (2nd) Sweet Bing Cherry Jam (3rd) and Spiced Cherry Jam (4th).

Thank you all for your congratulations on the last post. He's read them, and is flattered
you took the time to post comments.
Don't worry kid, the bees can't get out.
 Huh? Let's see what the clown thinks about that...
...as I thought. The clown has other ideas.
This clown wanted my lollipop. He got it too!

Day two, we set out from Seward, Nebraska to head back to Omaha via Lincoln.
 But first, I went shopping at the best thrift store I know of. The boys went out adventuring on the town square.
 They saw giant insects...

Threw hats in the air...

...and stood around looking tough.
But all good things must come to an end, and tomorrow school begins again, bright and early.
All right Summer...it was nice while it lasted. You know what you've gotta do.

I have a tonne of laundry, but there will be photos of the haul (eventually) I promise.


Joanna said...

You know I do believe you could have a grand time just about anywhere:) I mean this in the best of ways! How cool is that trash can? It can either give you nightmares or bright ideas:) Such a nice adventure for your son before school starts. My kids start tomorrow and I'm happily thinking about some things I might do:) I wish I could go into NYC more often but I wouldn't have enough time and couldn't chance it if I didn't get back in time:) I love that your son made some prize winning jams. He'll always remember this:)

Janice said...

Everything about this post is just perfect. From the hats, to the jelly, the entire day looks like one to remember. Congrats on the solid parenting!
Your hat is possibly the best hat I have ever seen!

Goody said...

My memories of NYC are of delayed busses, sitting around the Port Authority (which is fun in a seedy kind of way)waiting for delayed busses, and just wanting to get where I was headed. Drag the family with you, so you don't have to rush home to them ;)

I had such a...not dysfunctional exactly...strange(?) childhood, that I try to give my son as many *normal* experiences as possible. Hopefully he'll look back and think it was fun, rather than look back and think it is good material for a John Waters movie.

Sue said...

Funny thing, I used to think I would get struck down by that bolt of lightening when entering a church, but now I just don't give a rats you know whato!! Cute little chapel tho. Tell Danny his prize winning jars look awesome all lined up with their ribbons. Love the clown bins. We have dog ones but they are for the dog poos you are supposed to pick up with a plastic bag and dispose in the said dog bins.

Asparagus Pea said...

The clown is definitely doing drugs! What a great family trip - Danny Champion of the (jam making) Universe!!!

Goody said...


I'm not so sure about the parenting, but I do know how to do a road-trip ;)

The hat is an old Betmar from the 70's that is unfortunately falling apart at the brim, otherwise I'd send it to you.

Curtise said...

So that's what the middle of America look like? Good to know. And good for you for braving the Wrath of The Non-Existent Deity by popping into the chapel. And very, very good for Danny for being the Preserve King!
A good time was had by all, especially that clown, by the looks of things... xxx

Goody said...


Danny wouldn't go in the chapel-was afraid he'd get hives or something.

Raymond said...

I'm loving the look with the long necklace and hat. A+

Goody said...


Thanks. They're "road clothes" that hide unwashed hair, and a plain attire.