Sunday, September 28, 2014

Mean Green Ultra Suede Machine

I bought a new camera (Nikon Coolpix L820), so bear with the wonky photos as we learn how to use it. I like that it has on-camera editing, and a million features I've never heard of, but there's a learning curve. These photos are unedited, as I'm still learning to use the software, etc. I know my other camera would have never been able to manage this harsh light. Anyway, best $79.00 I've spent in a while (found a store that was getting rid of their camera department). I'm NOT a photographer, so point-and-shoot is pretty much my level of ability. So far, I'm pleased.

I bought this home-sewn suit at the end of last season and have been waiting (waiting, waiting, waiting) for an opportunity to wear it. Today was the day. It was still a bit warm for the jacket, but the skirt and waistcoat were perfectly breatheable (thanks, synthetic material!) with a silk blouse (thanks, little silkworms!). I took the belt from the coat and used it on the skirt instead. The dressmaker knew what she was doing-it is beautifully made though I wish she had lined the entire jacket, not just the sleeves. It fits better than most suits I own, and I suspect she was probably about my height and weight. I wonder what she looked like, if she wore it much, and if anyone ever complimented her on it. It is a beautiful sewing project. Anyway, thank you anonymous dressmaker for making this gorgeous suit. I promise to take good care of it.

Strange moment at the thrift store today. I was checking out, and the older woman (maybe late 70's) who usually waits on me said she had thought of me yesterday. I thought that was nice until she elaborated with, "Yeah I was sitting in traffic last night at 72nd and Dodge and there was some guy with a bullhorn on the corner screaming about legalising pot!"

I've been mistaken for plenty of things, but a tea-head is a first! Maybe in her mind anything 70's-ish screams drugs, though by then most people had moved on to ludes and coke. Or Babycham. Anyway, no I don't think I project stoner, but I regained my composure and replied, "Thanks?" I took my old lady vinyl bags and got the hell out of there.

Outfit Particulars:
Home-sewn 1970's Ultra Suede suit-Goodwill
1960's Naturalizer shoes-Thrift World
1970's blue vinyl handbag-Goodwill
Monet Brooch-Sarpy County Sale
Earrings-K Mart
Green bracelet-Hand-Me-Ups
Onyx bracelet-Mum's
Shrinky-Dink Necklace-Danny made it for me
Silk blouse with print of Picasso's Tomato Plants (1944) Nordstroms, years ago

Strangely enough, I found another Picasso print shirt today whilst wearing this one. You can go your entire life never finding anything with a Picasso print on it, and today...the Universe is up to something. Do I hear a Theremin?

Three gardenias blossomed today. It is coming inside this week as the cooler weather is on the way, but oh how lovely to smell that wafting in the air all summer. The raised bed is being readied for winter crops, and I've put up a few bats and pumpkins around the place. Little by little.

Hope you had a nice weekend.


Asparagus Pea said...

My special nerd of a husband can play the theramin and other special nerd of a friend owns one. I'm liking the green fake suede - I have orange fake suede velcro closure thingy on my iPad cover - dark grey felt, very tactile xxx

Bibi Maizoon said...

I'm sure you are not the least bit interested BUT - navy blue is the 'on trend' accent color this fall be it make up or accessories. I only know this because for the just the last few years I actually have the time to piffle about on the interwebs & read silly 'style' magazines.
Anyway..that is one gorgeously tailored green ultra suede 3 piece!
Maybe the old lady mistook you for an 'artsy' type & you just know those artistes are all potheads?
I miss Halloween the most of all US holidays.
We are in the midst of 'Dashain' here in Nepal which is like Thanksgiving & Xmas rolled up into one & spread out over 15 days (it is also a 7 day bank holiday). The high tourist season starts here Oct 1st & continues through March. No banks open in one of the poorest countries of the world & lots of tourists = PROBLEMS, always we have problems.

Joanna said...

Woo hoo! New camera and what a deal! I love the art of photography and it really can make a difference having the right camera. This can be good and bad because the cheapo cameras have a kind of fuzziness so one can look like an old Hollywood film star. When I see your fun outfit and glasses, I think Elvis sidekick. Elvis would be proud:) Got to give you big credit for the matching shoes and purse! Bring it on sista'

Goody said...


You MUST get them to give us a show on video. YES!

Still, a 7 day bank holiday?! Heck, we're lucky if we can manage a 3-day weekend anymore. I always liked blue as an accent with orange, or yellow so I should have known if I waited long enough I'd be fashionable. I positively hoard blue shoes and handbags as they're hard to find new (almost impossible to walk into a department store and get navy shoes and bag). A few trips to the Goodwill ago, I found three and though they were all similar bags, I bought them all figuring they won't last forever (though they have made it this long so maybe?)and I'll want replacements. Now I need hunter green shoes and bags and I'll never need to shop again ;)


Elvis would want my glasses, for sure. The matching shoes and bag thing is like a sickness with me. I'm not sure what would happen if they didn't match. Cataclysms? End of the world? Better not tempt fate.

Mim said...

I love your suit and it looks splendid on you.

Maybe the lady at the thrift shop was hinting in hope that you did like the odd puff and would be willing to share. She's probably at home right now trying to work out how to drop a larger hint ;-)

Curtise said...

Ooh, glamorous in green! It's a really fabulous colour. And I love the idea of you as Elvis' 1970s girlfriend! I always like to find really well-sewn handmade items, I imagine some really skilled seamstress taking her time over it as a labour of love.
The blouse and jacket in the previous post look great, but you know what's missing, don't you? Flares! xxxx

Goody said...

For medicinal use, of course. I hear it is great for chilblains.

I was in a bakery waiting to buy a loaf of rye bread the day Elvis croaked. The scene was slightly hysterical. Many, many weeping middle aged women. I got my loaf of bread and got out of there before the rending of clothes started. It was one of the strangest scenes I've ever walked into, second only to going to buy a bookcase at a hardware store the morning of 9/11 not knowing what had happened. I think, "surreal" would describe both accurately.

Propagatrix said...

Grass? Nah. You'd be all hopped up on goofballs, like the rest of those high-school hellcats.

Goody said...


I had to do a web search for, "Goofballs" as I wasn't familiar with the term. We just had, "Uppers and Downers."

I really wish I had access to Valium in those days, would have made living at home borderline tolerable. Do you know how disappointing it is to raid your mother's medicine cabinet and it is all heart medication, and diuretics? You can't get high off Lasix and Nitro tablets (that I'm aware of).