Saturday, September 06, 2014

Knickerbockers, No Glory

 I wanted these knickerbockers to be great, but alas they were too long, the buttons too loose, and slung too low on my hips. I had great hopes for my .99 cent wool trousers, but in the end they weren't special enough to justify keeping as I doubt they would see much wear. I have other ill fitting trousers I like better.

We headed out bright and early for bird banding. Shortly after this photo was taken, I noticed three vultures circling overhead. I don't suppose they were looking for me. Gawd, I hate vultures.
Know what else I hate? Stinkhorn mushrooms growing in my raised vegetable bed. They're the red things with the black oozing tops. And yes, I'm aware of their nickname as the, "Dog penis mushrooms." I want them out of my garden. So disgusting.
I want one of these for the front of the house in the worst way. I'm not spending $30.00 on one (Please, I haven't lost my mind) but I will be watching for them to be placed on clearance after Halloween, and then I'll buy one for next year. Until then...

Here's our impersonations. Scary, eh? Yeah I thought so. Don't wet your pants now, we're not really jack-o-lanterns.

Outfit Particulars:

Wool Knickerbockers-Goodwill Reserve .99 cent store
Silk Pendelton Country Sophisticates Blouse-Hand-Me-Ups
Marshall Field's Country Shop Cardigan-Bought it decades ago.
Clarks shoes-Hand-Me-Ups
Crystal Earrings-Grandmother Clara's
1940's velvet handbag-thrifted

It was a lovely day, but I was getting tired so I happened upon this nice, hairy post to lean against and...hey! That's not a hairy post, that's Danny!
He had a haircut two weeks ago. Maybe he is turning into a hairy post. Poor kid, once he hits puberty he's going to be shaving twice a day to keep his beard under control.
The bird banders at work. We weren't out of the car when shouts of, "Danny come quick, we caught a hummingbird" echoed across the field. They had two nest set up, and the birds essentially fly into them, get entangled and then they are carried inside to be banded (in a mesh laundry bag). The sun was hitting the nets in an awkward way today, and the birds could see them easily. I think they only banded a handful of birds (a house wren, a bluejay, a nuthatch) but it was a beautiful day to be standing around waiting. Most bird banding mornings in the fall and winter are cold, damp, and windy. This was really a pleasant surprise, as there was almost no wind at all.

The monthly Saturday book sale at Swanson was today, so we swung by on the way home. I went in swearing there would be no more cookbooks, which was a good thing because if I hadn't there would have been even more than the twenty or so that came home with me. Sigh, I'm hopeless. I don't even use cookbooks much anymore, but I do enjoy reading them. Besides, I needed the Florence Henderson cookbook.  Danny got birding guides, and Mr. ETB got an eclectic assortment of stuff. They make the books so cheap, you're really obligated to bring an armload (or three) home with you. The regular sale continues on Thursdays as well. I know I've said this before, but it is worth repeating-the booksale at Swanson is one of the best things this city has going for it. If you think you've been to Friends of the Library sales before, this one is unlike the others. Several rooms, books grouped by subject and alphabetised, donations coming from withdrawn library books, donations, and museums. It is like the best used bookstore you've ever been in, but most of the books range from .25 cents to $1.50. There's a rare book room for the first editions that are priced at much less than market value, and a staff of dedicated volunteers who know what they have, and are happy to help you locate what you need. Worth a trip to Omaha, if you're a reader and or collector.


Sue said...

Does Danny know you called him the hairy post?? He is growing up fast mum, it all starts to change and yeah the hair grows faster and in other places! The last book sale I went to I came home with two books I already have, I blame that on the snotty cold I had going on, my brain was in a state of muddle.

Curtise said...

I like the sound of that book sale. The stinkhorn mushrooms, not so much...
Shame about the knickerbockers, but hey, at less than a dollar, you could afford to give them a go.

Poor Danny, get off him! Owen's hair grows at a ridiculous rate too, so at least his annoying double crown tuft is getting longer. xxx

Asparagus Pea said...

What are those pumpkins made of? $30 - that's a big investment in holiday decorating! x

Helga said...

I had some very similar knickerbockers in the early 80's!!!
I love how you guys get all crzy over Halloween, and have all those awesome themed thingys. We don't really get into here. Hell yes you need one of those Jack O' Lanterns.......after it's all over I reckon you ought to get 3, as odd numbers are best, and a gal always needs more than one!
Vultures are super creepy, so glad we don't have them. That said, my favorite Gary Larson Far Side cartoon involves vultures. They'd ahve to have a sense of humour, looking like that!
I LOVE reading cookbooks! I have far too many, but who cares?! Reading is good for you!

Goody said...


The "Hairy Post" doesn't just like his nickname...he revels in it ;)

I wonder if I just stood in front of the store muttering, "Nice pumpkins, heh, heh, heh" like a dirty old man if they would just give me a couple to get me to leave? I've got a raincoat and fedora I could wear, maybe it is worth a try...

Propagatrix said...

THE FLORENCE HENDERSON COOKBOOK??? Such a marvel exists and I'm only just now hearing of it? Mah Gahd.

Goody said...


Drop me an email with your mailing address and I'll send it to you. It was a companion piece to some television talk show she had in the 70's/80's so it is full of recipes from celebrity guests. I must have been in a coma because I have no memory of the show airing.

Anyway, consider it yours once I know where to send it.

Propagatrix said...

Sent -- thank you!!! I'll make one of the recipes and give you a report!