Tuesday, December 02, 2014

I Said Sing, Damnit!

A little something for the humbugs.


Helga said...

I am indeed a humbug.
There. It's out.
I think I shall smash ALL the singing chrismassy ornamental things here in my workplace. Then, I'm gonna get DRUNK!
Let's see/hear Danny sing an irreverent carol!

Goody said...

At least watch Female Trouble as a Christmas movie (I wanted the cha-cha heels!)to get you in a destructive spirit.

Really, that's our family Christmas movie.

Sue said...

That is gold!! Smacking the bird instead of flippin it!! Apart from laughing at your little video I am laughing at Helga's comment because I can imagine it all. Loved hearing your gorgeous accent!!! I want more!!

Goody said...

I should mention that I don't really pronounce it, "Boydies". That's how Danny would say, "Birdies" when he was a toddler, and it just stuck in the family as a joke.

You may be the only person alive that finds a Chicago accent gorgeous ;)

Propagatrix said...

You sound exactly as I imagined you would. The Chicagoese is comforting to my California-weary ears (recently I've also been feeling homesick when I see a Sargento cheese commercial and hear the thick M'wockee accents).

Mim said...

We have a trio of animatronic chipmunks that sing 'We wish you a merry Christmas'. My husband bought them. They're entertaining for anout 30 seconds, then I get the urge to beat him with them if he presses the button to make them sing...

Goody said...


I've been militantly embracing my regional accent after a lifetime of being forced to restrain it. It dulled a bit with all those years in Boston (and the elocution coaching) but now in my middle age, I doubt very much it will hold me back in life. The way we speak gets wrapped up in so many assumptions about education, and class. My mother was concerned I'd sound stupid, so twice a week I met with a woman for an hour that tried to teach me how to speak.

I cuddent talk without a sout-side accent if I was at home, but maybe if I hadda go to da job interview.

Goody said...


Swap out some old batteries-he'll never know why it won't work.

Curtise said...

You really enjoying smacking those boydies, didn't you?!
PS. I like your accent too! xxx