Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Danny Dumpling Is Three

Well, that's done. I felt so lousy tonight I figured I'd better put the cake together-just in case. It isn't what I'd envisioned-probably should have done two layers, though that would have been an awful lot of cake. The photo does not really show just how large this cake is already. The black trim on the tractor cookies bled a bit, but thankfully I made a lot of them and was able to use the best ones for decorating. The cake does look rather Easter-ish for Christmastime, but Danny wanted a tractor cake and this was all I could think of.

I don't know-should I have gone the fondant route? It would have looked more professional, but fondant tastes so icky. I used a decorator's buttercream made of equal parts butter and Crisco with powdered sugar and vanilla. Then I covered that with tinted coconut. Not terribly elegant, but tasty-besides, he's three.

I really hope it is what he had in mind because I'd feel awful if he saw it and started bawling because it wasn't what he wanted. Oh my gosh, I think I'd cry too! At least he'll like the tractor toy-I hope.

I'm so glad I get to be Danny's mummy. I'm not sure how he feels about it, but me? I love being Danny's mummy. Every day. No matter what. Three years, wow that went fast.

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Lisa said...

I would jump for JOY if I saw that cake! Man that is one heck of a TRACTOR CAKE. You see LOVE written all over it! GOOD JOB!