Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Strawberry Bavarian Obsession

Thinking about it, I've probably been on my feet, baking since mid-October. What started with black-cat sugar cookies, quickly gave way to steamed cranberry pudding, fruitcakes, stolen, birthday cake and more frosted cookies than anyone should ever bake. I've loved every minute of it (well, except for the near-mishap with the cranberry pudding-that wasn't fun), but have been looking forward to kind of slacking off.

Danny: (looking through cookbook) Will you make this?
Mummy:(looking at photographs he's pointing at) A strawberry Bavarian?
Danny: Yes. (Repeating, thoughtfully) a strawberry Bavarian.
Mummy: I don't think you'd like it.
Danny: Danny would like it.
Mummy: (looking at recipe) It calls for three cups of fresh strawberries-they're awfully expensive this time of year.
Danny: (pouting) Strawberry Bavarian?
Mummy: And six egg yolks, and a cup of heavy cream.
Danny: A strawberry Bavarian is very pink.
Mummy: I don't own a charlotte mould.
Danny: Papa will buy one.

(About two hours later, Danny comes up to me in the kitchen carrying a different cookbook. He plops it on the floor and opens it to a photograph of …you guessed it…a strawberry Bavarian).

Danny: This one only needs one cup of strawberries and cream.
Mummy: Really, well that might be more do-able, let me see….wait a minute, you can't read!

Never underestimate a dessert-obsessed three year old.

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