Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Anyone Have A (Blech) Hard Sauce Recipe?

Mr. ETB likes it. I don't. A small batch recipe would be greatly appreciated.

In other news-a major winter snowstorm is headed our way...right after the ice storm. All across the state of Nebraska, couples can be heard cheering how awfully unfortunate it is the in-laws won't be joining them for Christmas dinner this year. Travesty, really. Of course, it also means you can't go out to the movies, and eat Chinese food, but hey- plan ahead and make your own potstickers.

And in yet more, "other news", Danny came down with a fever today. No appetite, but otherwise fine-just a little sleepy. Not sleepy enough to take a nap, mind you...

So really, the hard sauce thing-any ideas?


Jenn said...

Hmm. When we make hard sauce to go with our mincemeat, we just take icing sugar and butter, mix 'em together till it's smooth, and add a pile of rum. I think it's usually a half cup butter to a cup of sugar, a splash of rum, then add a little more sugar to get the consistency that pleases you most. Refrigerate till it's hard, and away you go!

Goody said...

Oh, rum. I don't think I've ever tried using rum (instead of brandy).
Thanks. That actually makes sense too, the extra sweetness from the molasses in the rum.

I still think it is overkill on steamed pudding but you know how odd people are with their traditions.

See? Ain't the internet great?