Thursday, December 17, 2009

Holiday Gifts

Still molten salted caramel waiting to be turned out onto a board. It has a cup of heavy cream, a cup of whole milk, a cup of butter and more sugar than you care to know about. Not health food, and probably not a good gift for diabetics.
Graham crackers are healthier than caramel, but still contain a stick of butter. I guess healthy is a relative thing here.

I always try to give people things they would never purchase for themselves. I'm thinking a 3 lb. slab of salted caramel falls into that category. Not terribly likely you already have one sitting around either. I hate that, when someone beats me to it, and starts handing out 3 lb. slabs of salted caramel. Bastards.

I dunno, cutting it into pieces, and wrapping them individually is nice and all, but it looses that whole, "Gee whiz, I just got a 3 lb. slab of caramel" , impact.

Graham crackers make nice gifts too.

Caramel recipe HERE
Graham crackers recipe HERE

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