Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Movies

You know how families have certain movies they watch every it just wouldn't be Christmas if you didn't watch them?

So who wants to come over and watch, Female Trouble.


Raymond said...

O thank GAWD you said "Female Trouble." When I saw your post title I feared maybe you'd have fallen into a spell of holiday sweetness and were going to say the movie "Christmas Story." Whew!


Goody said...

Sort of a funny story (and funny really because it happened before Danny was born, so we couldn't even use the kid as an excuse):

We go to rent movies one weekend, and I grabbed Female Trouble. It wasn't until the store owner was staring at us like we just dropped in from fucking Mars that I realised Mr. ETB had selected Mary Poppins.

I really hope the conspiracy types are right, and that there's some big government database tracking the movies people watch, and the books they check out from the library.