Thursday, December 17, 2009

At The Post

Better late than never, I sent off the Christmas presents today. The very nice postal worker at our small office said to Danny:

"You're always so well behaved, and polite."

Danny gave her a serious look and replied:
"Are you being sarcastic?"

Thank God she laughed.


Raymond said...

I want to create a Danny "Fan Page" on the Facebook. He's my favorite stand up comedian!

Goody said...

He really blows my mind sometimes. Today, our insurance agent (she's about 50) tells Danny that she remembers when he was really little. Danny asks:

"Well, how little? Like our little dog? Like as little as my hand? How many arms did you need to pick me up? Could you hold me in one arm, or did you need two?"

He was kidding, but it took her a minute because come on, you don't expect that from a five year old, you know?