Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Still Having My Butt Kicked...

...by whatever I have. I doubt it is flu, as I only have a temperature of 100 F. That's not really flu. Anyway, I'm sure I'll live (mostly) but I'm taking it easy for a while.

At least people don't look at my bright red nose and assume I'm drunk...now that I have the whole coughing/sneezing thing to go with it. That's nice. There's always the people that look at my nose and go:

"Awww, look at your pink little bunny nose!"

- and then try to rub it. I really hate that. I guess all the sneezing discourages that as well.

The tablecloth is progressing nicely. It has flower baskets in the corners, and ribbons around the top. I think it will be lovely for Spring. If we ever get Spring. I have a 17 ft. drift of on the side of the house that borders the wildlife area. That spot is always bad, being open to blowing, but I've been here almost ten years and I've never seen anything like it. When I feel better, I'll have to take Danny's photograph next to it. Really, I haven't seen a blizzard like that since I left Chicago.

I watched The Seventh Seal with Danny and he liked it. Thank goodness, since it was a Christmas present, and I'd feel terrible if he didn't. When I bought it from Amazon, it was described as dubbed. It was not dubbed. Danny did the best he could with the subtitles, but they ran too fast for him, so I read as we went along, pausing to explain the Crusades, Black Death, and burning witches. I was a bit worried he might be afraid, Death looking so sinister and everything, but he thought the whole movie was great fun. I was really stunned at just how well he grasped the idea that you can't beat death.

There's a part in the film where the knight is making his confession, and he tells the priest that he has it all figured out how he will defeat death at chess, and describes his move only to discover he's been making his confession to death himself. Danny thought about it for a minute and then informed me:

"It wouldn't have mattered. That move wouldn't have had him in check."

So apparently while I was reading subtitles aloud, kiddo was paying attention to the chess moves, and had memorised where they were when they left off.

See, I told you it was the perfect film for a five year old. I only wish it had been dubbed as advertised. Oh well, he can brush-up on his reading.

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