Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Cheese in a Can

Because what the hell, Christmas comes but once a year.

Won't Mr. ETB be surprised Christmas morning when he unwraps a giant pen shaped like a penguin, a bag of homemade caramel corn, and a can of cheese in an aerosol can. Yup, I think he will be.

The stuff isn't cheap either. It ought to be, but strangely isn't. I should have invested a few dollars in a bottle of Cold Duck, but I just wasn't thinking. Maybe for New Year's Eve.

Kiddo is still sick, and now I'm getting it-hooray. We baked ginger snaps though, so if nothing else, the house smells festive...well, as long as you stay away from the dog...he doesn't smell so nice...and he farts.

We're supposed to have this massive storm today through Saturday. They are warning people to call off Christmas travel and just celebrate next week. I can't ever remember that happening, even in Chicago, which makes me think this is going to be one heck of a doozy.

So if you're traveling this holiday, please be careful, and if you're driving through the plains, stay as far south as you possibly can. The freezing rain is already falling at my house and while it looks lovely on the bare tree branches, I sure wouldn't want to drive on it.

Safe travels.

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