Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Cake and Pudding

Grannymar's Christmas pudding was a great success. Mr ETB loved it. I even made the dreaded hard sauce, which was greatly improved by making it with homemade butter.
This Christmas cake has been stored in brandy soaked cheesecloth since early November.
Think of it as a big old sponge full of brandy. The fruits and peels are all homemade and candied, and the applesauce was from my neighbour's apple trees last fall. Mr. ETB thinks all the preserving, canning and candying is a bit much, but the results are really worth it. We have two Christmas cakes and I'll keep the second one for a Simnel cake during Lent. A rolled coating of buttercream will dress it up nicely.

We will enjoy the other pudding for St. Patrick's Day.

Was it worth all the work? Absolutely. Will I do it again next year? Ask me around November.


grannymar said...

I am glad the pudding was to your liking. It is so much lighter than the suet variety.

Goody said...

It was lovely.

We're sending the second one to relatives in the South who are having their get-together in January due to odd schedules-so the enjoyment will really get spread around the country.

Thanks again.