Saturday, February 06, 2010

Day One-Clementine Confit

For two weeks every two days, you boil syrup adding more sugar and re-submerge the blanched clementines. The plate is for weighting. At the end of two weeks, you get whole, candied clementines. Hopefully.

I knew I'd use that tub of glucose syrup sitting in my pantry one of these days.

I'll update you in two weeks.


Unknown said...

Well? What happened? I'm eager to find out how these turned out for you. What would happen if one needed to travel over the weekend and had to leave them for 4 versus 2 days (just once over the 14 day period)?

Goody said...

They turned out great-the first batch anyway. The second batch crystalised, but that was my fault as I was low on glucose syrup and tried to stretch it-bad idea. But the batch shown here was fine. I can't imagine an extra day or two would matter much.

Completed pictures are posted here :