Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dear Classic Rock

I was driving to Omaha today (unfortunately not a joke, or the start of a classic rock song) when I damn near drove off the road laughing at a song I'd probably heard a million times without listening to the lyrics. I don't know, maybe you have to be in your forties before wisecracks about your mother, and old maid, and Army WACS are funny, but really, I couldn't believe I'd missed that set of lyrics in Surrender. It was hilarious.

So tonight, I find a link to THIS piece of inspired brilliance. You know, this is really what the internet is for-not my idiotic stories and recipes for things no one has wanted to cook since 1974. Go ahead and click over-you'll end up reading through the entire archive, but there isn't that much there-yet. You will want to bookmark this one.

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