Monday, February 01, 2010

Yes, You'll Look An Idiot... acid washed jeans. I'd like to go on record right now, as a sort of warning to those contemplating black denim as well. You'll look foolish. Let me put it this way, my eighty year old dad has a pair. He's the least ironic person I know, so clearly it isn't a fashion statement. If you want to look like an eighty year old man with a 44 inch waist that hasn't purchased dungarees in twenty five years (because they're still "perfectly good pants") , go ahead and invest in acid washed, or black denim.


Page D. said...

You're killing me! I'm sitting here... in black jeans!! Wore them to work today, now I'm wondering if everyone was snickering behind my back.

Goody said...

Dad! Is that you?