Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Lavender Sugar

I made a batch of lavender sugar tonight-in a couple weeks I'll report if it was worth the jar space. Essentially, you take 2 tablespoons of dried culinary lavender and tie it in cheesecloth. Then, you bury it in a cup of sugar in a sealed jar. That's it.

I use so much vanilla sugar, I thought lavender might be a nice change. Danny might like it in his tea -though he's frightfully particular about his brand of tea (Red Rose) and how he takes it (Plain, no milk, 1/2 tsp. sugar). I think he'd vomit if I offered him a cup of Earl Grey.

Personally, I like a drop or two of condensed milk in mine, but I never do it because it feels so indulgent. I know, I've skipped turning into my mother, and gone straight for granny. I'm sure she'd approve of lavender sugar in her tea.

Anyway, I wanted to try a few things with the small bit I have left before deciding whether to plant lavender in the garden this summer.

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