Tuesday, February 09, 2010

No. No I Won't

Danny: Mama? Mama? Will you get up early tomorrow morning and make us bannocks?

I mean, gee whiz-yesterday I made 50 tamales for the freezer. Today I made dozens of potstickers...and they want me up at 5 Am making bannocks? I'm not really one to say "no" to the boys when they want something, but I don't think they even know what bannocks are. I'm pretty sure Danny wouldn't like them.

Get up at 5 Am to make bannocks. Why don't I fry some doughnuts and potatoes while I'm at it?


Jenn said...

Bannock is best made in the middle of nowhere at a campfire. Delicious stuff!

Goody said...

Well, I've got the "middle of nowhere part". Don't know about the campfire.