Sunday, September 14, 2014

Art Appreciation

Mine used to be up there. Once. A long time ago. I mean, they're not supposed to be a chin rest or anything.
The legal stuff...
Except this was placed beside...
Well?! Is it or isn't it? Sheesh.
So, how are you enjoying the over-lawyered sculpture garden, kid?
This fella tried to get fresh, so I told him about Miss Bronze Bosom over on the other side of the building. I think they'll get along.
Oh, My!
We made our way inside to view a bit of the collection and generally behave like fools snapping photos of ourselves. No one asked us to leave, but we sure did get looks like they wished we would.
Being a museum, the light is pretty terrible, even outside the galleries. Still, it was a nice way to spend a Sunday, and we can avail ourselves of the free admission until they decide to begin charging again to keep out the likes of us.
Back outside, we did our usual song and dance routine on the stairs...

But that was exhausting, so I took a little rest...
Outfit Particulars:

1960's polyester double knit purple dress-Thrift World
Purple tights-Walgreen's
Clarks shoes-Goodwill
1960's hat-Goodwill
Italian glass earrings-Had them for years
Sara Coventry brooch-thrifted
Small mouse brooch-Thrifted
Slave bracelet-Mum's
Other bracelets-had for years
Rings-here and there

But all fun must come to an end, and there's piles of work waiting for me at home, so it was time to go but not before...
Oh, how firm!
Have a lovely week.


Curtise said...

Some fabulous laugh aloud photos here, but my favourite has to be your homage to Cher's If I Could Turn Back Time video. Who needs a huge gun when there's a giant pencil to straddle?
Danny's looking cool in his striped jacket and hat, you're rocking the purple polyester, and the statues are great. And a dance routine on the steps too? You spoil us! xxx

Helga said...

I do love to frolic about with a few statues! They just encourage wanton behaviour!
Love the collar things on that frock!

Connie said...

I'm so glad you survived the zombies so that you could do a little sculpture dance. Does your eggplant loving Danny even realize how lucky he is?

Goody said...


I wonder if the museum staff sit and watch people uh...interacting with the art on cameras.

I think Danny knows most people don't eat as well as he does. Believe me, if it weren't for all his allergies, he'd be dining in the drive-through lane like everyone else. He did let me know a while back that he's prepared to move out on his own because he knows how to make sardines on toast.

Goody said...


I am unfamiliar with that video, and now I must go search it out. Being Cher, I'll guess she wasn't going for laughs.

Sue said...

Love the purple stockings! Oh and those shoes, very nice! Museums and sculptures are always fun and you sure did have some. Riding the big pencil, classic! I can remember when my boobs sat higher up like the bronze statue, alas no more, they are heading south daily.