Sunday, September 21, 2014

Gee, I Wonder What This Big Button Does...

You know how it is-you're walking along outside of Big Lots and spot a large button on the side of the building. Of course you want to press it! If they didn't want people to press it they would have a sign with big bold letters saying, "DO NOT PRESS!" Sure, that would just be encouragement to some people (me) but as there was no signage at all, I had to wonder if it did anything at all. Oh, how I wanted to ring that bell! I didn't though, because if it did ring the loading dock, and someone came running to assist me, I'd feel terrible. It does seem sort of cruel though, having a great big button on the side of a building with no explanation whatsoever. Hrumph.
Once inside, Danny found what he was looking for-Sunrise brand Halloween candy corn. Sunrise makes candy in a nut-free facility, and it is one of the few things he can have when it comes to Halloween candy. As a bonus, it is inexpensive. I made my own candy corn and mellow-cream pumpkins from tinted fondant one year. The fondant was no big deal to make (you do need a strong arm though) but fitting together pieces into candy corn was a bit tedious. At a dollar a bag, everyone is happy.
Speaking of happy-these flowers sure are cheerful. Can you spot the bee? He seemed happy too.
Uh oh...
And just look at that sinister laugh! He said he wanted to...
...good thing I was wearing my Pervert-Proof Panties. Good heavens, he was terrible!
These guys weren't much better. Filthy minds, I tell you!

Outfit Particulars:

Esprit dress-bought it in the 80's
Coro necklace-Imaginarium
Other necklace-Goodwill
Vintage hat-Years ago somewhere in Boston
Bangles-here and there
Vintage clip earrings-Hand-Me-Ups
Rings-here and there
Vintage handbag-gift from old neighbor
Pervert proof panties (shorts, actually) thrifted
Tights-at least 20 years old-can't remember where I bought them
Brooches-both Thrift World
Fragrance-Elizabeth Taylor Gardenia (not terrible-review soon)

Yeah? Well I don't think so.

This weekend was too short, but I hope you had a nice one. Watch out for the perverts.


Connie said...

Those panties are the BEST. Though I'm pretty certain that there is some sort of pervert out there that would love them. I can't believe that you made your own candy corn. I am profoundly impressed. My daughter has a lot of allergies so I'm a make-it-myself mom, too. But candy corn! I cannot even begin to tell you how stressful it was to send my little allergic child off to college. Somehow she survived. Wheh!

Goody said...


Here's a photo of the madness.

I really do find it reassuring to hear positive stories from people about how their kids learned to live with their allergies. I'm glad your daughter managed at college.

Sue said...

Pervert proof panties!!! The very best ever, so lacy and racy!! Do you have some in black?? Halloween isn't so big over here, but the shops try every year to make it big.

Curtise said...

Halloween leaves me kinda cold, but I see it's already in full swing where you are! Thank goodness for safety pants to protect against anything untoward... I have a pair in electric blue!
You look extremely elegant and ladylike (the arse-flashing was just a moment of madness). I think it's the hat that gives that impression!
Yep, my Pervert Alert is always switched on. Never meet any though. xxx

Joanna said...

Bwahhaha...those panties are so funny!!!

Goody said...


Halloween has become a holiday for adults now as children are pretty much restricted from unsupervised trick-or-treating for fear of...well you name it! Then, it turned into an excuse to dress racy (like I need an excuse). I think there's a strange pull between our religious Puritan roots, and the free for all mischief of Halloween/Samhain/etc. that people have never really been able to fit neatly into their places. I do remember Halloween being moved to a Monday shortly after we moved here because it fell on Sunday and the church people thought it wrong to dress as demons on the Lord's day.

When I was growing up, groups of kids roamed ALL over collecting candy without any adults tagging along. Last year, the door rang twice-and it was the same kid both times (and his mother). It is sad that even in our very safe neighbourhood people are so consumed by imaginary threats that the real ones (like getting hit by a car crossing the street) are never addressed. I can't say I blame kids for not wanting to go. I wouldn't have wanted my parents along. And it was purely about candy and kids-not thousands of dollars worth of inflatable, moving. lighted decorations. And my mother never dressed as a sexy nurse-ever.

Mim said...

Excellent pervert-proof panties! You do make me laugh.

I didn't know you could make candy corn. It's something we don't get here in the UK - we're not really a place that does Halloween, though it's growing. I love Halloween, so snap up bits and bobs when I see them.

Jayne H said...

Danny sure looks happy with his candy corn haul.

Fabularse pervert panties.

I quite like Halloween and the carved pumpkins with candles on doorsteps brighten up the place.

Goody said...

Maybe we should send them on a blog tour like your dress?

I suppose we've exported worse things than Halloween to the rest of the world.


They have these battery operated tea lights now that you fit inside the carved pumpkin. So much safer, and they go for hours and hours. Last year I picked up one that did a strobe-light effect. I hope I get a few trick or treaters this year. Last year, I ended up eating most of the candy!

Helga said...

I want to grab your fabulously clad ARSE! Woof!
You look bloody wonderful! The jewels!!!
Halloween has never really taken off here. They try, but it's just the wrong season! We need to do it in March or April. I like to do a Halloween post every year though. Must think about what to do this year........