Saturday, September 27, 2014

Oh, Margaret

There was a chill in the air this morning (it didn't last).
Sometimes, I put together an outfit and think, "Now where have I seen this look before?" I was out the door before it dawned on me...
I guess you could do worse. Anyway, I find it almost impossible to screw-up a tweed jacket and trousers look, unless you happen to own a blouse with a collar like this...
yep, that's a 1970's blouse. I can't help it, I reference the 70's because that's when I started noticing clothes, and buying them for myself. I also happen to like these styles.
I'm less enthusiastic about the trousers. They have a zipper, so I guess that keeps them from being, "jeggings" but I think we can all agree that they shouldn't be worn as trousers with a tucked-in shirt. No on me, anyway. In order to get something that wasn't so long at the ankles it sagged, I had to buy these in the children's department of Sears some years back. The kids are getting bigger, so a girls 14/16 fit just right with no hemming required. I still don't like them, and they are going in the "donate" pile. I just do not get the appeal of this silhouette.
I do like clogs. They make me feel so powerful-like I can stomp my wooden heel and demand those kids get off my lawn. or stop tossing their cigarette butts on my steps.

Outfit Particulars:

1960's Country Miss tweed jacket (part of a suit) Salvation Army, Lincoln
1970's Montgomery Wards blouse-Thrift World
Skinny Jeans-Sears
Ruff Hewn clogs-Dillards
Paloma Picasso handbag-Thrifted
Necklace and bracelet parure  set (had earrings I didn't wear) Hand-Me-Ups (and yes, I thought about wearing, Parure as a fragrance but didn't want to waste it on a joke only I would get. Didn't wear Tweed either)
Rings-all over the place
Earrings- K Mart
Socks-Gold Toe
Fragrance-Halston for Women

 Oh gosh, these earrings weigh a tonne! It was like being dropped into the mid-80' my ears.
The Mighty Ford Tempo is still with us. I can't let it go (I like my car. I don't want a new one) although Mr. ETB has made it clear the time has come to buy a new car. I told him to just go and do it, but I'll keep the Tempo anyway, as a beater. The Olds to my right is our other car. That's a '96. I'm really set in my ways, when I find something I like I keep fixing it. I have a hand mixer that only works on the high and low gears. The way I see it, you almost never use the ones in-between, so I don't need a new mixer! I can keep going merrily along until it is beyond repair. The gears on the car all work, so it has that much going for it.
Ahh, tweed.
Have a fan-fucking-tastic weekend.


Connie said...

Oh yes. Your look is a total flash back to the September issue of Seventeen circa 1970's. Hush Puppy and Bobby Brooks ads. Neat.

Sue said...

You always look great, and I love your clogs!!

Goody said...


But Seventeen never had articles that started with, "I shagged the Canadian Prime Minister!" I might have read it if it did. I've never owned a pair of Hush Puppies, but I had my share of Bobbie Brooks. Then, around seventh grade I discovered Vogue.

I knew you would approve of the clogs.