Saturday, October 04, 2014

A Week of Books and Woolens

 Well now, I suppose I've achieved some sort of age-marker. I wore two wool coats to bird banding this morning. Oh sure, I've often worn a layer or two (or three) worth of cardigans around the house, but I've never permitted myself to be seen in public in such condition. As I didn't want to wear my good winter coat to the wet, possibly muddy state park, I went for the "Double Lumberjack" look. I'm glad I did-it was freezing. Even the birds were smart enough to stay in their nests and trees-we caught a total of three birds in the nets, two of which were house sparrows that don't get banded.

By mid-morning though, it warmed up enough to shed one layer-barely. The outer coat went on and off several times through the day. We hit the last day of the annual Lincoln City Libraries Book Sale at the Events Center today. I was very restrained as I only filled two large boxes with books (mostly cooking and maths because that's what I enjoy reading about). On the last day of the sale everything is 2 for the price of 1 so I didn't spend much money at all. They don't want to cart everything back and store it for next year, and in the final hours I think they start selling flat rate by the box. We didn't stay for that this year. It was a great communal effort in the cookery section as people told each other what they were looking for. We were able to match someone with a 4-H cookbook, and myself with an Elizabeth David book. Great fun-I can't wait for next year.

Outfit Particulars:
Red cashmere pullover-Marshall Field's 80's
Red woolen jacket-Goodwill
Blue/green Liz Claiborne wool coat-Hand-Me-Ups
Denim culottes- Thrift World
Western Clogs-Hand-Me-Ups
Lippy-Revlon Wine With Everything

Inside the state park is an aquarium where the bird banding takes place (yes, I know-but the bird feeders and grounds just outside provide a good source of local birds for banding). Up there on the wall are some of the largest fish ever fished out of Nebraska waters. I know, I'm impressed too. Just look at that paddlenose on the right. Can you imagine pulling one of those up on your fishing line?
The aquarium has free admission, many interesting exhibits, and plenty of taxidermy (fish and birds, mostly though I think there's a deer) and once a month, September through April, there's bird banding.

The week has been cold and blustery, and I'm still working my way through the wardrobe trying to figure out what goes well together. I bought quite a few pieces at the end of last season, so for many of these items it is a first wear. I'm sure I'll figure it all out-by spring.
 My scarves are getting plenty of wear this week. I finally invested in some proper scarf hangers and I was if not shocked, surprised at just how many of them look nearly identical. Yes, a good paisley scarf is always welcome-but you can reach peak-scarf.
This necklace is interesting. I've had it a good 25 years, but didn't wear it much as it had flat metal disks that would raise a terrific racket every time I moved. It didn't work in school, or offices, so eventually I stopped wearing it. In a flash of  (belated) brilliance, I removed the disks from the bottom of the necklace. I can now wear the interesting piece without feeling like I have a cowbell clanging about my neck. It is quite a versatile piece...

...working just as well with a pink mohair jacket and silk scarf, as with wool and flannel. If you're thinking, "That's the same outfit just with a different jacket and scarf, you're correct. *Shrug* I have a lot of jackets and scarves.
But most days I wear the jackets one at a time!
So I can't let this snapshot go without mentioning that according to the Guardian fashion pages, I'm finally fashionable:
Except that I don't think I look frumpy at all, and I'm certainly not aiming for irony. What I am doing is wearing what I enjoy. Now get off of my lawn you damn beatniks!

Outfit Particulars:

1970's woolen skirt by Panther-Thrift World
Grey flannel blazer (part of a suit) Goodwill
Black polo neck-Target about 15 years ago
Wool paisley scarf-Hand-Me-Ups
Necklace-The Mexican Shop, Evanston, Illinois
Earrings- K Mart
Pink mohair jacket-Hand-Me-Ups
Pink/blue silk scarf-Goodwill

I served the last few tomatoes from the garden with the end of the basil. It was a little sad. I know we'll have lettuces, and spinach and other cool weather crops coming along, but I'll miss the summer. I brought in all the pots of herbs and flowering plants/trees last evening. It is nice to have some greenery in the house, all lined up by the sunny sliding glass window. Still, I know what winter is capable of here, so it was a bit difficult to slice the last of the tomatoes.
Goodbye, summer.


Connie said...

I really like the look of two jackets. I think it's brilliant. But then you are always brilliant. I am envious of your cool weather. We're still in the 90's around here and I am OVER IT!!! The scarves are chic and not even a little frumpy....unless you want them to be. Frump Chic!! Bring it on, damn it!

Sue said...

Double Lumberjack could be a new look for Winter! I started to sing the Monty Python song, .."I'm a Lumberjack..." As you say goodbye to your summer I am welcoming ours with open arms. I promise to take good care of her for you and will send her back next year.

Goody said...


I'd happily send you some cold (and rain) if I could.

Do you think, "Dumberjack" could be a "thing?" Maybe we can start something on the internets. You are doing a fine job looking after summer-she looks happy from the appearance of your garden. Good work!

Propagatrix said...

We prefer "normcore" to "frump chic." The paisley scarf is to die for.

Hey, guess who's finally blogging?

Goody said...


I'm on my way over now to check it out!

Mim said...

I love a bit of frumpiness, but it has to be conscious frumpiness. It has to be full-on 'frump you!' frumpiness that loves its sensible shoes and fully appreciates the cosiness of a tatty old cardigan and the warmth of tweed. Accidental frumpiness, where people are scared of wearing the stuff that they want to and try to choose the least noticeable option, is just a bit sad.

I wear my frump suit with pride.

Goody said...

Hear, hear!