Sunday, October 12, 2014

Go Fly A Kite

Don't mind if I do.
It was time for the Midwest Winds Kitefliers  Fall Festival in La Vista. It was a great day for kites as the wind was really blowing steady.
This is an annual event with free admission, and plenty of fun for all ages. They do a candy drop from a kite, which is rather impressive. There's a second field where the kids and non-professionals can fly their kites as well. We stayed about an hour watching mostly from the car (it was cold-and WINDY!) and saw dozens of kites being launched. There was an OK sized crowd of kids, but I suspect the chilly weather might have kept people away.
But not this kid. It would take more than a little wind to keep him from the kites.

As the afternoon was still young, we decided to just stand around, looking tough. No sir, you do not want to mess with us.

Outfit Particulars:

Danny Wears:

Indestructible (really, they are) Wrangler jeans
Basic Editions poloneck and sweater-both K Mart

I'm Wearing:
Absurd (really, they are) jeans from Target about 15 years ago
80's mohair pullover-Goodwill
Glass beads-Thrift World
Beaded earrings-Gordmans
Shoulderbag-Goodwill ($3.99)
Wedge trainers-K Mart last year

The steering wheel on the Mighty Ford Tempo got a makeover too. Nice. Dude.
There's a CVS across the street-why don't you go stand there? This Walgreen's corner is ours. Yeah, well go fly a kite!

Don't mind if I do.


Helga said...

I've never been kite flying!!! Why the hell not?!
Looks bloody fun, only I don't want to be the one running around.......!!! XXX

Joanna said...

That is an amazing fish kite! What a great event to be apart of.

Curtise said...

Fabulous kites. And you two are tough guys, I'm definitely not messing with you... Look at Danny's expression - priceless! xxx

Sue said...

Thanks for taking me kite flying!! I have not done that for years. We have a park across the road and a school behind us and we flew many a kite in both when the lads were little. I really need a close up photo of your gorgeous colourful bag, I do I do!!!