Friday, October 31, 2014


Gather round children, I'll tell you a Halloween bedtime story.
"There was an old woman of Leeds,
Who spent all her time in good deeds;"

Aw fuck that, she's boring!

"There was an old woman that lived in a shoe
Who had so many children she didn't know what to do."

That sounds a bit too exciting. 

Who wants goose confit?
I'm on handing out candy duty as the boys will be out trick or treating. People have to knock, as we don't have a ringer. I can't get one...I want to win a no bell prize.

Finally, it wouldn't be Halloween without...
Happy Halloween. 


Sue said...

I want to trick or treat with you!!! I want to dress up and have shit loads of FUN!!!!!

Joanna said...

So fun! You know you needed some fake teeth to spit out when the kids opened the door:) Great costume! I need to be creative like you. My son just got into Doctor Who but it was too late because he had already selected an army outfit but I bet there could have been a lot of creative ideas there. He mentioned something about going as a DJ with a boom box next year. Who knew he knew about boom boxes of the 90s? He even mentioned hooking up an iPod to replicate the scratching sounds of the old DJ's. How funny. I told him we could also attach a strobe light to him. Maybe I should make him go as a hot water bottle:)

Goody said...


Earlier in the week we had the house surrounded by cops in bullet-proof vests screaming and pounding next door for the teenager they were looking for. I don't know what about...maybe he forgot to return a library book or something.In the US you don't need to be a hardened criminal to get that sort of a production. Anyway, tonight I see a kid walking out of their house dressed in (I shit you not) a bright orange prison jumpsuit that said, "Department of Corrections" on the back. So now I gotta wonder if he was in costume...or on the lam????
I laughed, but maybe I shouldn't have?

I like the idea of hooking up an iPod to replicate a turntable! Funny, when you said Dr. Who my first though was, "So make him a long scarf" but I guess I'm about 40 years too late for that doctor.

Goody said...

...and please ignore my very messy desk in the photos. It is a work in progress...I've been working on it for years!

Bibi Maizoon said...

I miss Halloween the most of all the US holidays.
Geez, if you forget to return a library book in the US now don't they invoke the Homeland Insecurity Act & toss you in Gitmo indefinitely?
Anyhow, the teenager in the orange jumpsuit reminds me of the time we sent out a photo at Xmas of our family in camouflage & kaffiyehs waving a couple of AK 47's with the caption 'Peace On Earth" underneath. We certainly found out who was the anti-Muslim Tea Partier in my family quick! Sheesh, some folks just have no sense of humor.

Asparagus Pea said...

There was a young lady from Bude
Who went for a swim in a lake
A man in a punt
Stuck a pole in her way
And said 'You can't swim here love it's private'

Happy Halloweeeeen (for yesterday)

Curtise said...

You're bonkers - but I value that in a friend! Hope you had a great Halloween. That is a great costume! xxx

Helga said...

You TOTALLY win the no bell prize in my book, baby! Fabularse costume. Could have been fun to sit on the porch in a rocking chair brandishing a 22.....

Goody said...

I think you might really see something like that in Nebraska-we have people walking around with their guns displayed in holsters-and more than a few grannies are packing. I'm cool with the hunting (as long as they eat what they shoot)but I just can't get my head around the rest of the gun culture.

Wow. I like to think I'm pretty un-shockable, but just wow.

Thank you! I take it as a compliment. I knew I would need a bonnet someday.