Monday, October 06, 2014

le ballon rouge

After the third person asked Danny if he was French (must have been the cap?) I took him to the store, bought him a balloon, and made him run around the park as I snapped photos.
 I always loved that movie. Anyway, when the "balloon lady" found out what we were up to, she wouldn't take any money and instead wished Danny well. That was nice.
He even trained it to stay while he went to church school  the toilet.
So that was the exciting part of the day. Then, we went to the botanical gardens to kill a couple hours when OPPD was working on our power.
The annual chrysanthemum show was on, and they had an Indian theme.
 I would love one of these elephants in my living room. We could stick it in a corner and not talk about it.
The new greenhouse addition opens this weekend.
We're fortunate to have such a glorious botanical garden here.
They don't mind if you bring a sketchbook and pencils. There's plenty of benches to sit and observe all the hard work of the gardeners and volunteers.
This makes it my third pair of culottes in as many days-I think that's a personal best.
Outfit Particulars:
1980's culottes-Goodwill (I have the identical pair in another colour)
1970's blouse-Salvation Army
Velvet Shrug-Thrift World
Tapestry bucket bag-Hand-Me-Ups
Shoes-K Mart
Earrings-K Mart
 I'm fairly certain I had earrings like this at some point in the 80's.
It really is a spectacular show, if you can get to Omaha (soon) to see it. In November, the poinsettia show opens-and that one is wonderful beyond words.
I've been watching this one grow since Danny was a baby. It was barely 6 Ft. high in 2004. We like to visit and check the progress against Danny's own growth.
That's not looking too bad for October in Nebraska. Not bad at all.


Connie said...

I love that movie, too. And OUI Danny does look French. And you are perhaps Miss Clavel? What a lovely flower show. I'm guessing that traffic and parking in Omaha are not much of a problem. I avoid things like that around here in So Cal cuz the parking is so insane. Needless to say I'd be flipping the bird left and right as I jockey for a place.

Goody said...


I think I've lost my perspective because the driving seems aggressive and stupid to me around here now, when it seemed timid a decade ago. I'm sure I couldn't drive in Boston or Chicago anymore after being out here.

Parking is almost always ample in Nebraska because these people do not walk. Ever. Thankfully, there's just less of us to deal with.

Asparagus Pea said...

That new glasshouse looks amazing and the flower display is spectacular. The not walking thing makes your shoes last longer I guess. When we took my stepsons to the US they couldn't beleive the 'drive thru' banks. No room for stuff like that over here where everything has evolved from a series of medieval villages linked together by goat tracks xxx

Sue said...

Danny looks superb!! He is at the very cool age where he still participates. I have to bribe my lads for photos these days!! Lovely place for a flower show and you so need one of those Elephants in your house!!!

Curtise said...

Bien sur, Danny does indeed look like un petit garcon francais. And you're looking pretty chic yourself, Ms Juniper! What gorgeous gardens, I do love a glasshouse and some fabulous floral displays. I agree - not bad at all for October. It's been pissing down with rain here, so I'm envious! xxx