Saturday, March 14, 2015

Aw, Go Blow...Bubbles!

Thanks everyone for your thoughtful comments on Danny's guest post, he really enjoyed reading them all. As you can see, wearing a hat leads to better mannered behaviour. Sort of.
We had to do something to lighten-up these serious clothes- we look like we're headed for the country club.
Screw the country club-we have a library to spend our free time at. A volunteer putting together books for the sale saw us and remarked, "You people sure do love the library!" Indeed we do. What's not to love about a building full of books? "Better on a first-name basis with librarians than a parole officer", that's what I say!
It was such a beautiful day, we broke out the bubbles and had a grand time with the neighbours looking on. No, we're not embarrassed. 
Believe me, I see much more embarrassing behaviour around here on a daily basis. Blowing bubbles? That's nothing in these parts. Now that the warm weather is here we get to see (and hear) it all whether we want to or not. 

Outfit Particular:

Danny: 1950's "Pla-Shirt" by Dunnbrooke-Thrift World .98 cents
Straw Hat-K Mart
Shirt and shorts both K Mart

I'm Wearing:
1980's linen suit (I removed the gigantic shoulderpads) Salvation Army, Lincoln
Pink mock-neck shell-Can't remember (part of a twin set)
Shoes-Vintage Johanssen, made in USA
Handbag- VintageMorris Moskowitz leather -Thrift World, .98 cents (one of the best scores in a while. This is such a nicely made bag, and a joy to use). 
Earrings/Bracelet set-Hand-Me-Ups
Vintage grapes brooch-Thrift World
1928 necklace-Mum's
Vintage cat-eye sunglass clip-Hand-Me-Ups
Fragrance-L'Air du Temps
Nan Tights-Walgreen's
 The shoes are big on me-I have no clue why they make it look like my feet are squeezed into them.
Tomorrow I need to buy dirt to fill the second raised bed for the shade garden. I bought one of those large self-contained bags you just fill and plant. I'm curious to see how it goes. I have tons and tons of sorrel to plant out. I also went a *bit* overboard purchasing viola seed packets but they are edible flowers so at least it isn't entirely frivolous. 

I hope everyone is having a great weekend. I've got to get out of these clothes before I start voting Republican or something. *Shudders* I look so...normal.


Beth Waltz said...

I LIKE those shoes and bag! Do put your mind at rest regarding the effect on your image occasioned by wearing this crisp spring suit. A real Republican Hat Lady requires a Republican hat. No hat? No problem.

Granted, there might be a whiff of Methodist Church Basement Lady
lingering where you removed the shoulder pads, but the bubbles carried it well away.

Now tell us, o' nose who knows:
Is there any nicer fragrance than potting soil on a warm spring day?

Goody said...

@Beth Waltz

I laughed so hard it hurt at, "Methodist Church Basement Lady", because it is so accurate. All I need is a tater-tot casserole in one of those wicker carrying trays.

Better than potting soil on any day-nope! Those self-contained peat disks that you water and they revive into pots though...those smell TERRIBLE. I swear, I can smell them even after being transplanted into the ground.

Sue said...

I love your comment on the librarian Vs the Parole officer. And I don't think you would ever get embarrassed in public, I know I don't. If I thought I was going to be embarrassed by doing something then I wouldn't do it. I so would have blown bubbles with you!!

Curtise said...

Normal? You? Never! I always like the disconcerting effect of dressing like a Lady while swearing like a navvy and acting like an idiot. (I refer to myself, of course, not you.)
Not much embarrasses me anymore, so I'll join you, Danny and Sue blowing bubbles! xxx

Mim said...

Growbags are great things! I put tomato plants in one on our patio. They seem to hold the water much better than pots.

Goody said...

The bubble wand things are great-you just wave them around without the effort of actually blowing. I strongly endorse you getting one-they're great fun!

Yep, join on in. Normal is so...normal.

I'm glad to hear that as this is my first try with a grow bag. I'm pressed for space, and they seem like the perfect answer for my back patio.