Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Get Growing!

 I planted the bag bed today. By the time the sorrel and turnip greens are done, we can plant it with tomatoes. Hopefully. I splashed out on pricey dirt to give it the best possible start.
 The raised bed has peas, spinach, and kale.
 The borage seedlings are covered to get a bit of greenhouse effect until they germinate. It is kind of early, but if it gets cold I can drag the boxes inside.
 Mama and baby duck are back in the garden, keeping watch. They were an anniversary gift the year we were expecting Danny.
I thought this might discourage potential bucket thieves, provided they've seen, "The Meaning of Life."

"Bugger off, I'm fulllllllll!"

Can't have bucket thieves, can we?

In other news, I finally wore something worth posting.
 A vintage Sassoon denim skirt I happened upon in a heap of clothes at the thrift store.
 A J Jill embroidered linen jacket from Hand-Me-Ups
 I've had this necklace for ages, but never wear it as nothing goes with it. Today? Success!
 And, I match the shower curtain. I love when that happens.

 The skirt snaps down the side, which sounds strange, but is in fact easier to wear than snaps down the centre.
 Probably pushing it using this bag in March-but I planted a garden today, and the winter was so long.
Outfit Particulars:

Vintage 70's Sassoon skirt-Thrift World
J Jill linen Jacket-Hand-Me-Ups $5.99
60's handbag-Hand-Me-Ups
Earrings-Had them forever
Necklace-Sears, long ago
Rings-all over
Fragrance-Quelques Fleurs l'Original, Houbigant
 Pleats. Yeah, I know. I should care I guess, but I don't. Pleats are there for ease of movement, and I'm going to take comfort over flattering Every. Damn. Time.
 I "Spring Cleaned" my lippy collection. You should see what I binned. Sometimes, you have to part ways with colours that just don't work. I like the idea of coppery brown lipstick, but the reality ain't pretty. At all.
 I'm doing better, and the vanity/shoe shot returns. Hooray!

The stupid tooth may be dead, but the damage to my sinuses and face go on. Yes, it is swollen, incredibly painful, and I look like a Cabbage Patch Doll. If I need yet another course of antibiotics and steroids I am going to scream. But not, "Ice cream" because that's where most of the post-operative weight came from. Ya know, they said, "Soft foods." You may thing soft boiled egg, I think Haggen Daas. Gawd, I don't recognise my face anymore...but hey, coral lippy!

Finally, the migrating birds have been flying over the house early, and late so I roused the kid at an ungodly hour to watch the geese and gulls taking off at sunrise. It was cold. I sat in the car while he got out to take-in the spectacle. We'll probably do it again tomorrow. I now know the difference between a gull and a tern. I'm sure that will be useful knowledge. Someday.

I hope mid-week is treating you well.


Beth Waltz said...

Mid-week is my weekend, and like you and Danny, I've managed to incorporate bird-watching and spring planting into my outdoor hours -- I'm starving for fresh air and sunshine that warms the bones!

Isn't it a grand moment of serendipity to realize one already owns an accessory that completes a newly acquired vintage piece?! Your necklace and J Jill embroidered jacket are perfectly combined!

The shoes are elegant. Nothing like wearing pretty footwear to boost a woman's spirits. I've been on crutches twice in the past twelve-month, and like you and Vix, I do set wearing pet shoes as a worthy goal for recovery.

Coral lippy is also medicinal, of course, but might I suggest facial massage? Try to locate a masseuse who employs hot towels and trained fingers to drain the sinuses and promote healing in the mandible structures. Are there any Chinese herbalists in Omaha? Bet they've got a tea for what's ailing you!

Goody said...

@Beth Waltz

Aw hon, I had no idea you were dealing with crutches-how awful. I hope you're doing better and speeding toward recovery. Do you at least get the benefit of an upper-arm workout from it?

Funny, I just got through doing the hot towels (ever so gently) ten minutes ago on my face with my "herbal" cure of choice...Ponds Cold Cream! Don't knock it until you've tried it.

You had mentioned Maja in a comment and I decided then and there to order a tiny bottle (I mean, after all these years, I'm due). It arrived, and WOW-I can't believe I waited that long. Thanks for the kick-in-the-pants to finally order it. Might be a new love. I promise I will get to Antilope eventually, though as names go, it isn't evoking much for me ;)

Mim said...

Sorry to hear your face is still causing you pain and trouble. Here's hoping it gets sorted out this time. I used to take high doses of vitamin C daily for my jawbone infection, I know you pee out anything your body doesn't need, but it really seemed to work for me.

Really nice embroidered jacket, there. Far too nice for gardening!

Curtise said...

Well done on getting all that planting done. And for getting your leg up on the vanity again - see, there is progress after all! The ongoing story of your painful sinuses and swelling sounds horrible though, I'm so sorry. Chronic pain is NO fun, you have my sympathies, and a very gentle hug.
Looking wonderfully Spring-ready in blue, and that bag is a beauty! xxx

Sue said...

Excuse me but you always wear things worth blogging about!! Well done with your gardening, it is going to be excellent. Oh and I love the bucket, yay for Monty Python!! Bugger about the dam tooth mucking up your sinus, hopefully all will settle down.

Goody said...


Don't worry, I took the jacket off before dumping the dirt ;)

Unmanaged chronic pain isn't fun, but they just don't use anything stronger than Ibuprofen to treat pain around here. Dr's are terrified to write an Rx, and potentially lose their licences. Mine is "Livable" but I really do feel for people with pain that isn't as they're given the run around from charlatans running "pain clinics" and psychiatrists that treat pain as a mental condition. It is barbaric, but our drug laws have got so out of hand you can't by a nasal decongestant without being in a registry for the police to check making sure you don't turn it into meth. Our war on drugs has got so absurd that terminal cancer patients are denied pain treatment as they might, "Get addicted" short term thought it would be.

I'm honestly one of the lucky people with a strong tolerance to pain, and a stomach that can take Ibuprofen.

Goody said...


There was a Mr. Creosote sauce dispenser/toy to go with the release of the movie that came with buckets to dispense into. I couldn't bring myself to spend $50.00 for one on eBay, but I'm keeping my eyes out for one. Just imagine the look on my MIL's face next time she comes for a visit...