Monday, March 09, 2015

The Garden is In

If the yard won't look spring-like, I guess it is up to me to bring some florals outside.

Thank you all for your comments about Danny's hats. He's putting together some photographs so we can all have a peek at the collection. He's flattered that anyone is interested.

I couldn't stand looking at the bare earth a second longer, so I took advantage of our warming weather to get in the early vegetables. Today I planted:

Three varieties of peas
(Laxton's progress #9, Little Marvel, and Frosty)
Two varieties of spinach
(Red Cardinal, Bloomsdale)
(Red Russian)
Curly Endive
Mixed cutting lettuces

The peas, spinach, kale, and endive should be through by the time I'm ready to plant tomatoes and peppers in the raised bed. The lettuces and herbs all grow in containers. I'll get some onion sets in the ground this week as well (I do love spring onions). I'm not sure what else we'll grow in the hot part of summer, but I have a shade garden planned for the back of the house (another raised bed).

I'm not sure what it is about a garden in the city, but everyone that passed by stopped to ask what we were growing. Just think, if more people would garden, they'd get to know their neighbours. The small college next door has a community garden nearby, and everyone is welcome to participate. I haven't, as I have the home garden, but it is a good option for people that might not want to undertake a major project of their own. I haven't seen more than a handful of students out there.

 I did change clothes before digging up the garden. I wore dungarees to garden, as you do. Everything is tidy now, and if I can keep the teenagers from flicking their cigarettes in my garden, all will be well. And the protectives packets, though perhaps I should be grateful it is just the packets landing on the sidewalk.
These never-worn shoes were a bargain at the thrift store. Trying to buckle the itty-bitty buckle made me understand why they were donated. No shoes are worth twisting your hip out of place contorting to fix a buckle. When I rule the world, all shoes will have velcro closures. And all skirts will be trimmed in pom-poms because, hell yeah, pom-poms!

Outfit Particulars:
Ann Taylor skirt-Goodwill
Top-Had it for years
Hair Flower-Tiff and Tam
Bangles-All over
50's flower clip earrings-Hand-Me-Ups
Silver belt-Goodwill
Fragrance- Gres Cabotine Rose

I moved the chairs from the back patio out front so I can sit and yell at the kids to stay off my lawn-which I really had to do last weekend as they were trampling about where my tulip bulbs are trying to surface!

Check out that fancy storm door behind me. It was so nice having it open today with the warmer weather.

Tomorrow, a visit to the garden centre.


Bibi said...

I am a big pom pom fan too. Love the floral jacket, is the striped bow attached?
Although the tiny Himalayan valley we live in is at 3,000 ft it is quite tropical -because we're so far south . My winter veg garden of collards, cabbage, cauliflower, kohlrabi, daikon radish, potatoes, mustard greens, & spring onions are just about done. My winter flowers (pansies, snapdragons, calendulas, petunias, phlox, &violas) are getting a bit reedy & seedy & bolting. Next I'll plant tomatoes, chilis, corn, & papayas for our brief 'summer' that lasts until July through August when the Monsoon hits. During the Monsoon everything's just a mouldy, soggy, muggy, buggy, humid mess & anything you plant rots. Even cannas & cleome. All the while wecan look up & see the snow covered Annapurnas all around. Truly Shangri-La!

Mim said...

Oh, nice shoes. And hell yeah pompoms!

It is good to get out in the garden at this time of year, isn't it? Everything starting to grow. Though no prophylactic packets in my garden...

Goody said...


The bow is part of the sleeveless knit top. Every year I think of getting rid of it, but then remember how good it looks beneath a jacket.

Monsoon season has such an ominous ring to it, but obviously people need and rely on it. I'm picturing your Himalayan paradise covered in phlox. It must be lovely,

No teenagers in your vicinity, eh ;)
I'm going to hold class outdoors today as we're nearing 71 degrees F. today.

Rebecca said...

Good idea about getting the garden started. Definitely not warm enough here yet to do that as they is quite a bit of snow sticking around. Can't wait to do some planting! Awesome find on those unworn shoes from the thrift store! They look beautiful! Too bad about the buckles!! Love your outfit! That jacket is fantastic and looks awesome with your pretty dress!


Curtise said...

Pussy-bows, pom poms, and planting veg - all Very Good Things! You are perfectly dressed for keeping interlopers off your lawn! xxx

Goody said...


I honestly don't know how you survive up there. I'm in awe of the ability to carve out cities so far north, and keep them habitable. I've been to Winnipeg in the winter and all I can say is, "I'm not doing THAT again!"

If only I had your cats to scare off teenagers. A good hiss from behind the plants late at night ought to do the trick.

Connie said...

I want to live in your Velcro and Pom Pom world. You look so pretty with the sun on your face.

Beth Waltz said...

Those shoes and that skirt were made for each other! What a spiffy ensemble for patrolling one's territory!

We're totally stalled here in central Indiana under a dangerously dense fog alert. However, temps are forecast to rise dramatically and with them, the rivers. Time to watch reruns of the old "Nine Tailors" or better still, reread Sayers masterpiece of flooding on the fens.

For us, spring planting begins on St. Patrick's Day, the 'green' day. In my garage window, that means Sweet 100 cherry tomatoes to eventually reside in big pots of marigolds and basil.

Sue said...

Well done on planting your garden, now sit back and wait. Oh and yell at those bloody teenagers and their fags!! (fags as in smokes, ciggies). Pom pom hem lines are the best aren't they. We should have pom pom hems on everything, except undies, it would so muck up the VPL, as in visible panty line. xxx

Goody said...

@Beth Waltz
I saw footage of your fog (it made our local news)this morning-do take care and stay indoors if you can. I wouldn't want to drive anywhere in that.

I've never grown cherry tomatoes, perhaps I ought to give them a try. Anything I can shove in a container rather than give up bed space for is appealing. Thanks for the inspiration.

I think maybe save the pom-pom underwear for, "At home use". What could be sexier than pom poms?! Pom pom suspenders maybe? *lightbulb in brain moment* Ooooh, I have to find my sewing notions....