Saturday, March 28, 2015

Until You Reach For Something

 I do enjoy a mini-skirt now and then. This wouldn't have been short when I was young (micro-minis were all the rage) but this is where I draw the line hemline. Not wearing minis on a regular basis does present some issues like, bending, leaning, and today's problem-reaching.
I knew if I reached for the high shelf at the supermarket everyone would get an eyeful (not that they wouldn't enjoy it of course, just that I didn't feel like providing the entertainment today). I instructed Danny to search for an employee to help me. He returned with a man a few inches shorter than myself. As you can imagine, that was awkward until I finally blurted out, "My damn skirt's too short!"
(Hmmm, that IS kind of short, now that I look at it)

Well, that got a laugh, and my item from the high shelf without flashing my bottom to everyone in the aisle. Maybe flats next time?

The holidays of Pesach and Easter overlap this year, which is causing all sorts of issues in our interfaith family. As I'm not terribly religious, I don't mind having bread in the house so long as it isn't consumed during Pesach. I baked Kulich to keep in the freezer for a late Easter dessert (here's the recipe from last year's post) We already sampled one of the loaves (well, I didn't but the boys did) and I'm sure it will be gone by tomorrow. Earlier, I baked Paska, and have two in the freezer for our belated celebrations. I think this is a good compromise, as Danny would be disappointed if I skipped it, and he gets to enjoy a bit of the baking now.

I bought paper baking moulds rather than trying to find coffee tins that were unlined with a plastic coating (most are these days)and it worked so well I may never go back to baking in tins. Imagine a large muffin liner made of heavy greaseproof paper with a cardboard bottom. Once placed on a baking sheet, they are stable in the oven and can be used as a container to give away baked goods. I wish I'd known about these earlier-it would have saved a lot of fuss over the years. Buying the liners did require going to the snooty kitchen supplies store, but the salesperson was lovely, and it was a quiet afternoon without the typical crowd of entitled douchebags  bourgeoisie  tossers stuck-up bastards people that live and shop in that  exclusive corner of Omaha. I'm trying to be more generous with people as I get older...but they keep behaving in a manner that makes it largely impossible. I could be a nice person. Really, I could if they would just meet me halfway. You don't need to be a saint-just be less of an asshole. See? Easy!
 Boots-I do love them. This pair are almost impossible to remove without help. What is so wrong with a zipper?! Heloooo shoe manufacturers-how about some zip-up boots for a change?

Outfit Particulars:

Pink dotted blouse-Thrift World
Jones Studio jacket-Goodwill
Skirt-Sears, years ago
Earrings-Thrift World
Flower-Tiff and Tam
Handbag-Thrift World
Black Hills Gold necklace-Gift from Danny
60's link belt-Goodwill
Pink lucite bangle-Goodwill
Fragrance-White Shoulders

The flip-off was getting tired, so I thought I'd give nose-thumbing a go. I apologise in advance if this means something else outside of North America (as so many things do). Here, it helps if you do a taunting, "Nah, nah, nah" for effect. 

Hope you're having a nice weekend. I'm off to find my pervert-proof panties. 


Sue said...

Hope you found your pants!!! Sexy legs in a short skirt there girl.

Goody said...

@Sue support hose! Could be a blog, maybe? Imagine the searches THAT would bring to the blog.

I'm never leaving home without my PP Panties again.

Propagatrix said...

Sweater tights work well with minis.Wish I could wear boots, but I have the Cankles of Doom which cannot be contained.

Goody said...


If you get desperate for boots, has plus-sized boots with wider ankles and legs. I think that's brilliant, and their prices aren't bad.

My legs in sweater tights are...not nice, and I'm too uncoordinated to make sure the cables aren't all twisted around. I do agree that's a nice look though-alas I can no longer pull it off.

Curtise said...

You've got fab legs, get 'em out, clad them in cool boots, and flash the world! xxxx

Goody said...


Danny kept loudly announcing, "Full moon over Omaha" when my skirt would hike up. I think I flashed a good number of unsuspecting shoppers.