Thursday, March 26, 2015

Finally, the Thrifting Gods Sent Me Some Decent Stuff

Would you look at who turned up at the thrift store? 

You know how it is-one member of a band quits, then they all follow suit. This one was mumbling something about settling in the US, and being my toyboy. I'd send him back, but Curtise's daughter Claudia has already said she didn't fancy him. Can't have the little long-haired chap being homeless, now can we? 

I should note that the women that work at Hand-Me-Ups didn't bat an eye at my antics...they know me.

Outfit Particulars:
Liz Claiborne coat-Goodwill
Woolrich denim skirt-Thrift World
Haband bandana print blouse-Goodwill
Black Pullover-K Mart
Earrings-Von Maur
Fragrance-Wind Song

Speaking of  hair...I've been doing the bit where I give it a rinse in the morning, toss on some leave-in conditioner, and let it air dry. I'm not convinced I like it-feels a bit Tiny Tim for me. Tiptoe, through the tulips, through the tulips...Damn, I need a ukulele. 

Yeah, I don't think this look is doing me any favours.
Another pair of clogs from the collection (more than three pair are a, "collection" right?)

Not content with the ones I already own, I had to grab these today at Goodwill.
I do have a weak spot for a nice pair of clogs.
 ...and handbags. The thrifting hasn't been great lately, so imagine my surprise when I found three bags today.
 The red bag is pristine-I doubt it was ever worn.

This tapestry bag is well-made (feet on the bottom, pattern matches at the bottom and sides, etc.
 The interior is nice as well. The lining is heavy, and the pockets are made from the tapestry fabric. I get excited by nice linings in handbags-and this is a nice one.
I've been searching for a coin belt for years. This one just barely makes it around my gut, but I think links can be added to it. This makes two link belts this week-I wonder, do these things come in pairs? Sometimes it feels that way.
 This beautiful cutting board was a dollar. I'm going to hang it rather than put it to use.
There's an unlabeled piece of fruit for you to write in your own happiness. Mr. ETB votes for, "Irony." I won't share Danny's suggestion. 

I wanted these trousers to work for me, but looking at the photographs I must face reality. They're beautifully made (lining, embroidered fabric, good zipper, etc.) but they add ten pounds to each leg. Typically that wouldn't bother me, but they also make me look short. I can deal with short or dumpy-but not both. They cost .99 cents at Hand-Me-Ups, and will soon be returning home. Side-zip pants are looking for me to throw out my back contorting to zip them anyway. 
Nope, not working for me.

Though I'm looking better than this fellow.  We felt so sorry for him, we brought him home and gave him some herbal tea to settle his belly. Poor dear. Someone ate too many chocolate eggs.

 Outfit Particulars:

1970's Ultra Suede jacket-Goodwill
Talbot's trousers-Hand-me-Ups
Earrings-K Mart
60's handbag-Thrift World
Ruff Hewn clogs-retail, ages ago
Fragrance-Courreges in Blue
Finally, I'll leave you with some birds that have been visiting the feeders this week.
 "I like suet."
"Suet?! That shit will kill you. Try some safflower seed."
"I hate safflower.Try some suet."
"I don't think we're compatible."
"Well Your profile said you liked, "Hanging around feeders, flying into windows, and fine dining. Clearly you were exaggerating."
"Well your profile said you were" a year old", and looking at the molt on your second year feathers, you're a fine one to be pointing wings."

 "Fine, then."
"More suet for me. I wonder if the lady on the other side of the glass could steam it into a pudding for me? Ahhhhh, suet. That's the last time I answer an ad from a seed-eater."

Tomorrow is Friday!


Beth Waltz said...

Clogs are a spendid answer to the what can one wear that is easy-to-slip-into but a cut above the flip-flops? question! The Italians make them in suede -- very nice, indeed, when one can find them in Goodwill: ignore the size posted and slip them on.

Too bad about the slacks. Finding a pair of lined slacks is like discovering a well-made interior of a bag -- you liked it, now you love it! Alas, I usually find lined slacks in stiff itchy woolens that I can't tolerate, even in an Indiana January.

Are you certain you don't like the loose curl in your hair? Mousse is tricky stuff: perhaps a different brand of goo would behave better for you?

Sue said...

You did well with your finds. And I noted you were grabbing the young mans crotch!! Is he standing at your front door??? or in your bedroom??

Goody said...

@Beth Waltz
Mousse! I forgot about that stuff (haven't thought about it since the 80's). I've just been using some Ion leave-in conditioner and a dab of Walgreen's brand styling gel. Mousse would be better-thank you for the reminder.

I had the nicest pair of Italian suede clogs (green, with yellow heels) when I was in High School. I wore them everywhere. My Dad finally (after seeing them show up everywhere from weddings to the opera) threw them out one evening when I was asleep! I'd managed to wear down the heel on a clog beyond repair, which is an accomplishment I suppose. I sure do miss those clogs.

@ Sue

Shhhh, Harry's under my bed. Don't tell anyone-I don't want to be in the Daily Mail sidebar of shame ;)

Curtise said...

Ha, I think Harry might happily settle down with you, he doesn't seem to mind you handling his goods. But what would Mr ETB have to say? Something ironic, no doubt.
I like your wavy hair (not Tiny Tim in the least) and love the clogs, and the tapestry bag. Trousers can do that adding weight while shortening leg length thing to me too... How dare they? xxx

Goody said...

"What would Mr. ETB say?"

"I'll pay for the wedding!"