Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Danny's Hat Collection-A Guest Post

Danny here, I'm going to tell you about my hats.

I've loved hats since I was two years old and got my first engineer's cap.
 People knew me by my engineer's cap.

These days I wear more flat caps. The plaid one is French, and it is a practical all weather cap.

 The woolen cap is by American hat maker Stetson. Best in cold weather.
 The cap on the left is also Stetson.
 You don't even need to comb your hair.
 Some occasions require formal headwear.
 This top hat is silk. I rarely wear it as they never take me anywhere formal. Old people!
 But sometimes, you need to dress as The Penguin from Batman. Evil deeds not required. But optional.

 For day wear, a fedora is useful, especially if you need to look like a 1930's gangster.
 "All for me." Great!
 Self conforming interior to fit my big head.
A bowler for the Uncle Pennybags from Monopoly look. 
Do not pass GO. Do not collect $200.00
 Here's a retro look-the 1770's. Colonial tri-cornered hat, Good for riding long-distances by horse, to warn of incoming British invasion (the first one, not the Beatles).

"Gilligan! The Professor needed those coconuts!"
Uh oh, look who has the coconuts now! "Look out little buddy!"
 Mega Shark v, Giant Eagle. My money's on Shark.
Watch out for eagles.
 Straw is good for summer, it keeps your brains from boiling and protects against falling coconuts, unlikely as it is in Omaha (it COULD happen).
"Falling coconut warning!"

I hope you enjoyed seeing my hat collection.


Jayne H said...

I did enjoy seeing your hat collection Danny. Thank you for sharing it with us. You wear them all so well . . .

Beth Waltz said...

That is a splendid collection of hats you've begun, Danny. Have you ever seen the "lucky" hard-hats decorated by Native Americans? These guys are construction workers, usually of tribes that traditionally work on high-rise building sites (yes, I do know a gentleman named Tunney who walked casually along barn roof beams, well into his 80s). Since they no longer wear feathers, etc., they decorate their helmuts. What would be your personal symbols, given a hard-hat and a set of paints?

Asparagus Pea said...

You'll definitely be invited to join ''gentlemans' hat club ( international division)' if my husband ever gets round to setting it up! There's been a lot of talk - 's all I'm sayin! - Bernice x

Bibi said...

Thank you, Danny!
I must say the AFM & straw fedoras look the most fetching on you, IMHO.
The bowler certainly has a "Clockwork Orange" chic about it too, (ask Mum about that reference).
Malaysia suffers the highest incidence of coconut related deaths, (just in case you're interested).

Sue said...

Thanks for sharing your hats Danny, you have quite the collection. I love the bowler hat the best, my grand father had something similar that I used to like to wear when I visited him when I was about your age.

Curtise said...

Danny, you have a great hat collection, and you wear them well, love! Keep doing so and you will always look cool! xxx

Mim said...

You have an excellent selection of hats, Danny - one for every occasion. That shark hat is especially cool. Thank you for sharing them!