Friday, December 26, 2008

A Small Batch Multi-Berry Jam For The Fridge

I had the ends of many bags of frozen berries, and about a pint of fresh red currants, so I made jam. The photograph does not really show how glorious the colour is-like a very deep magenta. So beautiful. I didn't bother with water-bath canning and will keep it in the fridge instead. We'll probably go through it quickly enough. I might use some of it to make jelly candies later in the week. I'm coming to the end of my summer stash of frozen fruit, though I still have ample strawberries, concord grape puree, and prune plums. I'll bet I have some nectarines lurking back there-I should really have a look, but then I like those surprises in the dead of February when you realise there are blackberries just waiting to be tossed on a lemon pound cake.

If you decide to can them, use half pint jars (I got just shy of 2 pints)-I'd prepare 4, though you might only get three. Leave 1/4 inch headspace, remove air bubbles, wipe threads, and process fifteen minutes in a water bath canner. Let cool five minutes in canner, then 12 hours on a stack of dishtowels before testing for seals.

You Will Need:

4 1/2 cups mixed berries, measured after mashing (I used blueberry, raspberry, and red currant)
3 cups granulated sugar

Add sugar to berries and stir until sugar is completely dissolved. Cook over medium heat bringing slowly to a boil. Then, increase the heat and cook rapidly to the gelling point. Remove from heat, skim foam (I didn't have any for once!) and ladle into jars. Either keep refrigerated, or put through water bath canner. Makes about 4 half pints.

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