Sunday, October 19, 2014

This Makes it a Two-Hat Weekend

Probably. The thing about candy corn is that it always starts out great, but after a few pieces you get that nastiness of the dried honey they use to make it, and then a weird bitter taste that can only be remedied by eating more of the stuff. Sort of like staying drunk to avoid a hangover. So yeah, I probably love you more than candy corn, but with an underlying bitterness. Guess what? I wore the Dior hat for the first time today.
I stopped at Gordman's to look for perfume. They didn't have anything I wanted, but they did have these outrageous leggings for $10.00, which I bought. Really, I did! Sure, you think you'll never need a pair of gold leggings, but suppose there's some sort of gold-legging national emergency, and I'm unprepared?! Exactly-better safe than sorry.
No Genii. I checked.
If you were wondering what it takes to get yourself tossed-out of Gordman's I couldn't tell you. To my surprise no one asked us to leave, and instead they gave me a $10.00 coupon for my next visit. I rarely buy anything there, but they have plenty of props merchandise for blog photographs. I must say, the help at the 90th street store were just lovely. An enjoyable retail experience is always worth mentioning as it happens so rarely.
Outfit Particulars:
1940's dress-now closed Etsy shop
Necklace-thrift store in WI
Sara Coventry brooch and earrings-Same thrift store in WI
Dior hat-thrifted locally
Gloves-Tiff and Tam
1950's Naturalizer shoes-Thrift World
1960's French handbag-Goodwill
Fragrance-Jovan Woman

This dress isn't working for me, but it will be lovely on someone taller and larger. It was interesting turning it inside-out to see all the alterations done to it over the years. It appears to have been taken in several inches, and then a newer zipper has been added at the neckline to accommodate the bodice changes. The work is all done well, but the dress itself is too massive and shapeless on my frame. I got a bargain on it as the zipper had been stuck. Fortunately, I was able to loosen it without going to the trouble of replacing it, so the metal zipper is still intact. The vinyl zipper at the neck is a latter addition. I'm a little sad it didn't work out for me as the fabric is nice and heavy, and the bluish-purple just lovely. And it matches my hat.
I could have rocked the hell out of this as a maternity dress, but those days are thankfully loooong gone. I love being a mother, but I hated being pregnant.  
In other news:
I went crazy buying vintage saree silks, and now I have a stack of them waiting to be turned into ?????
Yeah, me neither-but that didn't stop me from buying them. I'm a sucker for luxurious fabrics and gilt. One of my favourite wrap skirts is made from an old saree, so I suppose a couple of those might be in the works. I couldn't believe the Goodwill was selling them for three bucks each. Are they nuts? There's several yards of fabric in each.
Finally, there's this. Don't let the lousy photo keep you from trying it. Use your favourite upside-down batter. In a 9 inch pan spread 3 tablespoons of butter. Sprinkle with 1/2 cup granulated sugar. Arrange 2 layers of washed and dried cranberries on top. If you like orange zest, add some.  Add your favourite cake batter. Bake according to your cake directions, and turn out onto a plate. If you're feeling fancy, glaze the top with melted red currant jelly (I didn't).
 The cake re-heats nicely and lasted all week. 45 seconds in the microwave was about right for serving slices warmed. Whipped cream or vanilla ice cream would be nice, but the boys just ate it plain.
Have a happy hat-filled week. Gold leggings optional.


Sue said...

You are the queen of hats, and now you own gold leggings!! I rather like your purple tights to. Bugger about no Gennie in that bottle, would have been so handy to find one.

Curtise said...

Now it's a shame that dress isn't working for you, because the colour is gorgeous, and it does indeed match the hat beautifully. Oh well. There will be others.
I'm catching up, so I've just checked out your tweed suit, and the fabulous va-va-voom fishnets and leopard print outfit on your last post. You have some fantastic hats, and if they act as bizarre conversation-starters, then so much the better! xxx
Gold leggings?

Propagatrix said...

I cannot wait to see what you do with the gold leggings.

Autumn said...

Leggings are very useful as added layers, gold ones will be fabulously blingy!
That hat is stunning and I'm also particularly enjoying that lovely jewelry set.

Helga said...

Those leggings are GLORIARSE!
I don't like your candy corn...SO glad we don't get it here!
You wear a hat well, my darling. You are making me think I'd better drag out a couple of my more ridiculous ones so I can join you.
Yeah, a frock needs a bit of shape to work, but it is a lovely one!

Joanna said...

I also very much love this color and think you could still very much wear the dress. A great dress for fall. It is interesting to see all the alterations that can happen over time. Love the leggings:)

Mim said...

Dior hat - very swish! I don't think I've ever found anything that good in my local charity shops.

Gold leggings. *Paddington hard stare* You will make them work, I am sure. But only you!

Goody said...


The leggings are hanging on the back of the bedroom door...taunting me. The weather has been far too warm to wear them...but I will! I think.

Thanks all for your encouragement.